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Library of Psi Articles and Classes
Our library is laid out in the order to be read and contains 610 articles, or click here to search the library.


Outlines and Starter Articles

Psychic Articles

Foundation Lessons

Intermediate Lessons

General Information
Psi Teachers
Psi Difficulty
Belief, Trying and Doing
Psi Control Centre - PCC (PVA)
Psi Mindset
Optimum Psi Mindset
Truth and Knowledge
Psi Missing
Interpretation Accuracy
Psychic Research
Expanding the Self
Opening the Mind
The Total Self
A Beginner’s Understanding
Exploring Your Psychic Powers
Developing Psychic Interpretation
Beyond Parlour Tricks
The Psi Lifestyle
Steer and Create Reality
Psi Feeling
(1) You Get What You Give
(2) Ownership of Interaction
(3) Responsibility of Action
(4) Self Worth
(5) Energy Balance
(6) You Control Reality
(7) Understanding the Knowledge
(8) Following the Flow
(9) Be One With Yourself
(10) You Can, But Should You

Healing Introduction
Direct Connection Healing
Indirect Connection Healing
Psychic Healing
Self Healing (Article)
Self Healing (Practical)
Reflexology Foot Map
Reflexology Hand Map
Mental Healing - Depression

Energy and its Manipulation
Energy Concentrations, Ghosts, and Spirits
Energy Threads
Energy Signatures
Identification by Energy
Energy Interaction and Intent Erosion
Energy Review
Morals and Balance
Ego, Self-Esteem and Psi
Nature's Homecoming
Creating Reality
Life With Psi
Me-Centred Reality (Article)
We-Centred Reality (Article)
Fundamental (Article)
The Body (Article)
Energy (Article)
Internal Energy (Article)
Universal Energy (Article)
Sensing Energy (Article)
Psi Control Centre - PCC (Article)
Psi Control Centre (Practical)
Balance (Article)
Balancing (Practical)
Pure Energy Theory of Existence
Guides, Guardians, Lords and Keepers
Connections (Article)
Connections (Practical)
Metaphysics and Humanity – The Writings of a Paradox
Base Energies
Hybrid Psi
Moving your Energy
Energy Tagging for ID
Energy Manipulation (Article)
Energy Manipulation (Practical)
The Power Triangle
The Concept
Threads and the Power Triangle
Enabling Psi

Intent, Visualization & Meditation
Visualization and Meditation
Meditating to Oneness
Musings 2 - Total Body Relaxation
Musings 1 - Basics
Personal Meditations
Taking the First Step
After Meditations
Visualization vs Imagination (PVA)
Creating Intents
Intent and Focus
Visualization and Energy Signatures
Intent (Article)
Visualization vs Imagination (Article)
Visualization (Practical)

Shields, Screens & Masks
Healing/Attracting Modification
Shield Introduction
Normal Shield
Defensive Shield
Reflecting/Mirror Shield
Filtering/Intaking Modification
Layer Modification
Duotronic Shielding
Filters and Shields
Shields, Screens and Filters (Article)
Shields (Practical)
Shielding 101
Screens (Practical)
Filters (Practical)
Masks (Practical)

Empathy & Telepathy
Pure Energy Voice - PEV
Empathy and its Use
Empathy and Telepathy
Pure Energy Voice (Article)
Broadcasting (Article)
Empathy (Article)
Broadcast Empathy (Practical)
Peak to Peak
Broadcast Telepathy (Article)
Telepathy (Article)
Broadcast Telepathy (Practical)

Spheres & Constructs
Psi Spheres
Magnifying Modification
Psi Spheres Building
Simple Constructs
Construct 1 - Peace

Precognition & the Clairs
Precognition In Depth
The Clairs

Psychic Readings & ESP
Psychic Reading Introduction
Pure Energy Psychic Readings
Psychometric Divination
Psychic Readings: A Rambling

Projection & Remote Viewing
Remote Viewing (Article)
Remote Viewing (Practical)
Remote Viewing and Projection

Hypnosis, NLP & Mind Work

Advanced & Theoretical

Magick Articles

Classes and Series