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by Zeus

This technique is the one that is often said to look into the future to lay forth all there is to know. But the future does not work that way. The future is not already written according to Pure Energy, instead the future is infinitly full of possibilities based on the decisions and actions made at any given moment. So how then is it possible to look into someone's future and tell them what is going to happen. Pure Energy explains that it is virtually impossible to have a future accuracy of 100%. Precognition at best does not become more accurate than 95%. This is because each possible future holds certain events that are common. These common events increase the possibility of that particular event happening the more threads it is on. Therefore when reading the future the best anyone can do is take the information that is presented and statistically create the most probable future. Also since the further away from the present someone gets the more "what ifs" appear on each future thread and the less accurate the future reading will be. For this reason readings of the future less than 11 months away are greatly more accurate than those of times more than a year from the reading's present.
Reading the future can be done in any number of ways:
  • Tarot
  • Runes
  • Pregonitive Thought (just the mind)
  • Tea Leaves
  • Chicken Bones
  • Rituals
  • etc ...
Pure Energy Psi allows for precognition through the Pure Energy Voice and the Psi Control Centre. When trying to read a person's future simply visualize the question (specific questions are best) and listen to your Pure Energy Voice for the answer. It is likely that along with a voice answer that you may also have visions from your Psi Control Centre to help you understand the meanings. You do not have to do all the statistics work for the future threads because the answer that is given to you already has undergone the stats process automatically. This stats process also accounts for why you may feel extremely sure that one event will happen over any other, and then be very unsure about whether another event will actually occur.