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The State of Quiet Mind
by GoldBear

Meditation is the most commonly used tool to quiet the mind and enchance the senses in preparation for doing psi work. While meditation in and of itself is good practice for centering and other things, we do not always have time to meditate when each need for psi arises.

There is a line that seperates the beginners from the masters, and it is truly in preparation time. Masters, as a rule, tend to live in a sort of detached state, half in this world, half in another at all times (so don't blame them if they are a little spacey). How do they retain this mindset? Is this state of mind really the key to success? If it wasn't, would I be writing this article?

The process of attaining a quieter mind is not a fast one. Like psi, it is a process of changing thought patterns. In this paradigm, however, one must learn to chisel away the minute details of thought until all that remain are the strong, important thoughts. Getting rid of the "background noise" of worry will allow one to hear the discrete thoughts that enter your mind that are, in fact, psychic impulses.

While it is impossible for me to speculate on what your individual worries are, here are some general tips on things to do to aid you in quieting your mind:

1) Use an organizer. This can help to eliminate worry over schedules, and appointments.

2) Take moments throughout the day to clear your head. This can be done through breathing changes, closing ones eyes, or whatever works best for you.

3) Realize that everything is happening in your life as it should, and as you have constructed it. Fear of life is waste of brain power.

4) Get enough rest.

Best of the energies.