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Dream Interpretation by Example 2
by Zeus


Though there are countless numbers of dream dictionaries available nothing allows for more accurate dream interpretations than experience. In understanding the subtle nuances and connections within dreams the interpreter will be better able to convey the meaning and messages hidden in the dreamscape. In offering real dreams and different forms and methods of interpretation in the dreams that follow the introduction you will begin to gain the experience necessary for accurate dream interpretation.

Please note that following text in italics is conveyed as the dream, or dreamer’s statements.

Example Dream and Interpretation #1

OK … doing what appears to be lucid [dreaming] and these huge spheres kept appearing in various forms. The size [of the spheres] is probably comparable to a moon, maybe. What these things are doing there, how they got there, and what they mean is never really explained. There is not much that is more ominous than a huge sphere idling in your dreams in lucid. The colour [of the spheres] is usually blackish, apart from one that was glowing a bright orange and had a square pattern over it.

The spheres point to this dream being about the inner being, or self. The large spheres portend hopelessness, negativity, judgement and depression surrounding the dreamer. The single glowing orange sphere draws attention to the dreamer’s independence from outside forces. In being orange the dreamer is boldly holding onto hope with the pattern showing a balanced and logic approach to the outside forces with their hopes manifesting into reality.

Example Dream and Interpretation #2

The following dream has two distinct sections to it which allows for separate or dissociative interpretation before tying the pieces together in a Whole Dream Interpretation. It was like a kind of aikido [martial arts] practice and people were pushing me one at a time. I was supposed to use their force to push them the other way. Some [people] were easy to push and others harder. I couldn't see their faces (don't know why) so I didn't know who I was trying to get control of.

The dreamer is attempting to unleash their hidden potential; however they are the one hiding their own power and are refusing to acknowledge their own abilities.

Me and some friends were driving a car and there were four girls with us. We did some kind of game/competition and we took turns driving. One girl was hesitating. It was snowy outside and we drove in a circle and there were people outside and I think it was my [real life] friend’s car. The brakes [on the car] were bad and didn't work [well]. Some of the girls were half naked [top half] as well, but I don't know why.

Seeking a secure spiritual direction the dreamer is redefining their personal space and attempting to responsibly move towards their goal. An attempt is being made to contact their intuitive side, but they’re not feeling in control and are hesitant about fully opening themselves up. The dreamer is not certain that they actually wish to attain their set goal.

Putting the pieces together we can see that the dream is clearly showing that the dreamer is in a state of transition that is making them uncomfortable. They consciously want to unlock their intuition and explore what is to come with that, but unconsciously they’re worried about losing themselves. At this point this dreamer should focus more on understanding themselves to relieve their own fears of opening themselves to their spiritual side and then continue with their intuitive explorations.

Example Dream and Interpretation #3

It began with an island and more specifically a part of its coastline at the beach. There was a part of the coastline and part of the beach that was my property. At that time the beach was cast in shadow and there were dark green trees not far down the beach (it was a short beach in depth). My house was surrounded by the trees. There were no concrete roads there, but there possibly were some more [roads] inwards on the island. So basically it was beach, some space behind the beach which was elevated from water level and probably a mix of sand and dirt and after trees, a forest it seemed, and my house was also there. There was another house not much further away from my house, so I had neighbours. I think it had just rained or maybe even stormed because the sand of the beach had some green plant like things on it and the sky was pretty overcast as well. I noticed that as I walked to an end of my part of the beach it seemed like quite a long ways (I think I owned a fairly long part of the beach). It also was incredibly calm there. The environment of the beach, my home and the rest of the island were all new things I don't remember from previous dreams or waking life.

The dream begins as a spiritual retreat where there is a clear boundary between the emotions and reality (the coastline). Emotional clarity and a union of the total self are portrayed as being overshadowed by the ego; however tests and having to come to terms with the emotional self are realized as the key. Finding revelation in having to emotionally release the dreamer finds that what they thought may have been a minimal intuitive potential is actually a lot larger than it first appeared.

I found a book somewhere about stasis (within the dream I thought that I only know of "stasis pods". I get reflective thoughts in my dreams, like I'm awake looking back on it. I looked it up in the dictionary upon waking and stasis means a standstill. In fiction it usually means something like stopping aging for a period, like in the movie Alien they were in stasis while travelling many years so they wouldn't age). In the dream these stasis things were locations where there was tons of energy and going to those places would automatically fill you with a lot of energy. They could also be used to change energy (I am also thinking they could be used for teleportation). I went searching for places where these stasis occurred naturally.

This section of the dream is all about the search for knowledge and finding information on another aspect of the self.

The rest of the dream doesn't take place near my beach and home, it takes place on the island itself, where there are roads and apartment buildings, but I didn't see cars. The part of the island I was on seemed to be like a city given the many apartment buildings which were probably all above 12 stories, some a few times that many I think. Between all those apartments and office buildings there were ruins. They seemed very old and I think were of Mayan, Aztec, old Egyptian, etc making. The area covered by these ruins was quite big; there were only small dirt roads there and a lot of trees. It was very sunny there at the time and probably noon. The leaves of the trees were a bright light green, like paradise colours. The area was open to everyone, but funny thing was that the people in the surrounding apartment buildings shot at people going into the area of the ruins. I think there were mystical stories about the ruins and the people didn't like people going into them because they suspect suspicious things. Most likely they just shot at people if they didn't recognise them. I'm not sure if they shot with real bullets, but everyone knew that entering the area with ruins was at your own risk and responsibility. Also interesting was that small groups of people (I think including soldiers) went into this area of ruins as a training method. More specifically while I was there I saw a small group of soldiers. They were shot at and for them this was training; they had to find out from where they were shot at and to identify the shooters by targeting them, but not shooting back at them. (I now wonder if the shooters always shot at people going into the ruins or if this was part of the training of soldiers who cooperate with civilians in the apartment buildings by acting as a threat. This could be because the soldiers wouldn't shoot back at the people who shot at them. It really seemed that this was training for them to know where an enemy was shooting from and getting a visual on them. Also the island didn't feel like a hostile place at all) Anyway I just went walking around among the ancient ruins and wasn't being hit by any shots. I had to go into the ruins to find the stasis things.

This part of the dream is a quest to find and/or rebuild the inner self. The dreamer is portrayed in good health via the bright green leaves of the trees and the people shooting at those entering the ruins portray a vivid internal protection of the existing inner self. The dreamer also shows just how protective and guarded the dreamer is of their emotional self.

Among the ruins there were statue and totem like things worked into the constructions and walls that were still standing. While in the ruins itself I found one of the stasis spots pretty quickly. There was one under some bushes where I went hiding from people shooting from the apartment buildings. Next to me under this bush was one of these stasis spots. The spot itself was very dark, to black, but not because it was covered by a bush, the spot itself looked like no light shone on it or got through to it, but around it the light was normal. While sitting next to the spot no one from the apartment buildings could see me, the only way someone could see me was from a totally different direction but those were office buildings and no one shot from there.

Strength, power and protection are at the core of the dreamer’s beliefs. If given the ability to hide away from prying eyes the dreamer will open up and find their all encompassing potential.

I then went back to a place with internet access; there was an internet access point in a park next to the ruins. In the parks there were brick or concrete pedestrian walkways and it was also perfectly safe there (only the ruins were risky to enter). I didn't immediately find the website about the stasis spots again (I originally read about them in a book, but things in dreams aren't always so consistent), so I decided I'd look again later. As I walk away from the internet access point I see my dad walking in the park and talking with someone else about the stasis spots and other paranormal topics.

Seeking more information regarding unlocking the hidden potential of the emotional self the dreamer decides that perhaps the potential of the total self isn’t necessary. Upon deciding that exploring the self isn’t necessary an authority figure steps into the dream showcasing that the dreamer must be true to their self and find the order in understanding their total self.

Tying everything together with this dream really showcases the dreamer’s need for a connection with their emotional side. In being unable to emotionally release correctly the dreamer is missing out on their true potential and paradise of a total self. Likely the dreamer believes that in being able to understand their own emotions life would be idyllic.

Example Dream and Interpretation #4

This is basically a dream with three of us in a group. The goal of the dream was to find some technology of a person who knew something, obviously something important. Now what we were supposed to find I don’t know, but it was important. There was this person apparently tracking us, but they never appeared as far as I know. Obviously something didn’t want us to find whatever we were looking for. There were two other: one male who apparently had some military or special ops type training and the second person being a very good looking blonde haired girl. Not exactly sure what she was for or meant to do, so she was probably just tagging along.

This dream starts out with a group of three which symbolizes stability, and the freedom that it provides. With two males (the dreamer is male and a shadow self) and a female the triad is well balanced. The dreamer is in a comfortable relationship with their feelings and intuition. Feeling like a natural leader the only thing lacking for this dreamer is the identification their driving force – what they really want out of life, or to do in life.

Example Dream and Interpretation #5

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I am close to my elementary school with a group of friends (don't know who, only that they're friends). I feel like sprinting and so we all sprint in a small grass field close to the school building. I don't sprint full out, instead I stay with the others (I am sort of keeping an eye on them making sure we all stay together a bit and go about equally fast) . In front of the school there are monsters (like big snakes, things with wings that can also go into the ground and more things I couldn't really see or identify). I say we will have to make a run for it to get to the entrance of the school. As soon as a straight path frees up we could run hard through without encountering the monsters we sprint for it. It works and we reach the entrance even though there was some pushing on the way there because everyone wanted to stay on the clear path. Inside I pass the principal.

Suddenly I am my young me in what seemed to now be a kindergarten class (but not really like the one I went to when I was small, the play yard is smaller and there are more buildings around it) and I am being tested. I am asked questions for a standard intelligence test. First I have to take a few steps to reach a white line; I have to do this a few times. After that we go inside and I am asked questions. I have the knowledge I have as an adult now and use this to answer the questions. I advise a girl to read Kant, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein for her master thesis that she’s working on and also say other things that a 3-6 year old kid shouldn't know about (that was about how old I was in the dream). As a result they think I'm some insanely intelligent kid.

Dreamer’s Theme and Blocking

I'm not entirely sure what the main theme is, it seems to be about really wanting to get to school and performing very well there.

  1. Running close to school
  2. Sprinting to school through some challenges
  3. Being tested in kindergarten
  4. Having my current knowledge in my young form
  5. People are impressed by what I know because they see my young me

Dreamer’s Interpretation

  1. Even though it’s sort of having fun by having a little competition to see who is fastest it is also close to school. I think this is about me wanting to move through life quicker, meaning I want to learn faster and I want to catch up and be on the same level as the people I know who are ahead of me (from Psi Palatium most likely) and maybe also pass them so I can make them learn faster as well.
  2. The monsters can be about me finding difficulties moving ahead and learning as fast as I want and feeling I should be further already in my learning. The sprinting past them can be me wanting to get through these as fast as possible, learn faster and also learn more.
  3. Being in kindergarten could show again that when having this dream I felt like I was way behind, that I felt I should know more already. Being tested may represent a worry or me being nervous about feeling that I am behind.
  4. Having all the knowledge I have as an adult but being in my young me's body could represent again the feeling I'm not belonging where I am (kindergarten) and should or want to be much higher up (making suggestions to the girl about master degree in university). It could also mean that there is a feeling of knowing a lot or having lots of potential but not having the skills or not having the potential realized enough.
  5. I'm not sure how to interpret this. Maybe this represents a feeling to be taken more serious. The dream dictionary on the site mentioned a "what if", so maybe this also represents the desire to make my potential realized. Basically a desire to get the skills I feel should come with the things I can understand. All together this point might represent a desire to be helped to realize my potential.

Dreamer’s Conclusion

I have often felt like this and at the time I had this dream these feelings and thoughts were going through my head a lot, feeling I should know more and should have better abilities/skills. In the present I still feel like I should have stronger skills and abilities, because something inside me says I should be better already. Maybe 3 and 4 can be put together as one point.

Author’s Interpretation of Example Dream #5

Main Theme: Self assessment via the ego/self-worth inverse balance.

The dream begins by portraying a quest for knowledge which is bolstered by a social group that the dreamer feels comfortable with. The dreamer wants to showcase his (the dreamer is male) abilities and the confidence he has in them to this group, but ensures that he does not show off or create a foolhardy situation through doing something too quickly. The dreamer has great emotional fear that drags at everything they do, which seems to stem from their struggle with their own ego. When the principal appears in the dream this forecasts that the dreamer is on the correct path to the knowledge they’re looking for. The dreamer is then dealing with their own personality in their self assessment as they seem to be moving their ideals to a much more public venue than they are used to (perhaps a more open place). And then the dreamer moves into looking at achieving wisdom and spiritual purity while at the same time adhering to their own morality and setting a new value on their self.

Conclusion: Finding one’s sense of self in the ego versus self-worth inverse relationship.