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Introduction to Crystals
by Fire_Opal

What is the truth about crystal healing? How do you really heal with crystals? How can you best use crystal power? What value can crystals actually have for you? So many books have been written on this subject, andso many viewpoints have been presented that it's easy to become confused as to what guidelines you should follow. This will give you some fundamental grounding work on how to go about using crystals and benefiting from them.
Why use quartz crystals? What is it about them above all other stones that makes them so special?
Quartz crystals have been used since ancient times as powerful healing objects and meditation tools, and to make medicinal elixirs. Wise adepts have long known about their qualities and have used crystals for powerful talismans and amulets. Throughout history people have valued the beauty of quartz crystals and have used them for ornamental decoration. References to crystals are found in both the Old and New Testament, and in many other sacred teachings throughout the world.
How can minerals or stones have any influence or value? It is because there is a consciousness inherent in all forms of matter. Even rocks have their own consciousness! We used these crystals of the mineral kingdom to aid us in attainment with different aspects of ourselves.
Crystals have their own particular vibration of a precise and measurable intensity. This vibration attunes itself to human vibration better than any other gem or mineral. Quartz crystal is used to amplify and store energy. When you create a thought, you can amplify and clarify it by using a crystal. Quartz has long been recognized for its ability to produce electrical impulse. (Pressure on quartz crystal generates a minute electrical charge called piezoelectricity.)
You will learn how to handle and work with crystals to heal yourself others, and the Earth. Crystals have long been revered for use in magick, for psychic development, and to see into the "hidden dimensions" that permeate physical reality. It is said that crystal has the ability to rebroadcast energy from the Universal Mind so your "inner self" can pick it up, granting you heightened perception. A crystal is a focus for this knowledge and help, and it magnifies and transmits psychic energies and healing powers.
Crystals have a hexagonal, symmetrical shape. This is a basic form in geometry, physics and atomic theory, and is a universal, perfect form in the structure of matter. The energy that radiates from clear quartz, the piezoelectric effect, amplifies healing abilities.
As a rose has been called the most perfect representation of beauty in the plant kingdom, the quartz crystal is the essence of perfection in the mineral kingdom.