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Psi in
by GoldBear

Like any mental subject (such as math, history, etc), there will always be students that will ask, "How will this help me in real life?" Psi is certainly no exception, as its various abstract concepts and practices must seem somewhat removed from reality! I tell you know that the real question is not "When will I use psi in real life?" It is "When won't I be able to use it?"

As was first explained to me when I started on the Pure Energy path, psi is not a set of skills and powers that one can use for amusement or personal gain. It is a life-changing system, and when followed correctly, is nothing short of miraculous. Its influences on your life can be both gross and subtle.

The first change usually takes place with the realization of emotional control/balance. You become cooler, more confident. Things that would have devastated you before now slide off your back. It is no small thing to change your world through changing your perceptions. You find yourself more at peace, more able to handle problems and responsibilities.

Following, is the realization that reality is not a force acting upon you, but that you are a force acting upon it. You can begin to mold your life in the way that you see fit. The only limitations are lack of planning, and foresight. This is not just imagining an ideal life and waiting for it to happen. You must act to cause this life to occur. With experience, you find that the life you imagined was actually very limited in its ideals, and your new life shows you new and marvelous things you had neither planned for nor expected.

Psi is everywhere, and it is happening now. What you do now is what you will do and have done. If you change the present, you can reform your life, past and future. What greater skill can there be? Telekinesis does not even hold a candle. So, I again stress to you, "when can't we use psi in real life?"