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Crystals in Healing
by Fire_Opal

Noted healers have demonstrated that crystals can be used to accelerate bone and wound healing, relieve pain, and bring catastrophic illness into remission. Although it is said by some that there are no powers whatsoever in the crystal because it is a neutral object, its inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. When a crystal is cut to the proper form, and the human mind enters into a relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the powers of the healer's mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.
When people become emotionally distressed, a weakness forms in their subtle energy body, and disease may soon follow. With a properly attuned crystal, a healer can help release negative patterns in the energy body, allowing the physical body to return to a state of wholeness.
When healers attune their minds lovingly with a crystal, they become one with the Divine Mind, which has imprinted its consciousness in the precise, geometrical form of that structure.
Healers use crystals because the crystal is the most perfectly organized state of matter existing in nature. It is precise, regular, and free from imperfections and impurities.
One method of crystal healing is to tune in to the energy field of the crystal lovingly, projecting your energy into the crystal, resonating in harmony with the crystal. Whey you (the healer) feel the crystal is charged, scan the body of the person, being sensitive to areas of obvious imbalance where healing energies should be directed. A good focal point is the heart chakra, where throughout visualization the problems intuitively felt can be brought to awareness. Then snap the crystal, like a whip cracking (by flicking the wrist and hand holding the crystal), releasing the negativity that was held in the subtle body.
The crystal can take the feeling of love in the healer's heart and amplify it so a concentrated stream of energy is emitted from the crystal for use in healing. This amplified energy field can help persons dislodged inhibitions which block the flow for their higher life energies.
The crystal works in much the same way that a laser does: It takes scattered rays of energy and focuses them. It makes the energy field coherent and unidirectional so that a tremendous force is generated. When used with love, the crystal unites the energies of the mind. It brings these energies into a pattern, exactly fitting the life energies of the person seeking to be healed, and then amplifies them for the healing.
To use the crystal effectively, it is necessary to turn off the rational mind, so you may enter a right brain meditative state and intuitively tune into the energies focused by the crystal transmitter.
There are many methods of uses for crystal healing. Perhaps the best advice to follow is to listen to your own intuition. Use what works best for you. Practice on yourself and people close to you. meditate and listen to what the voice within gently suggests to you.
The general size of crystal to use for healing is whatever fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, or, what you are attracted to use. Its size is not so important as the feel or essence of it. It isn't necessary to have a large piece of quartz; a small piece will suffice in most cases.
Some possible methods for healing are to place crystals or gemstones on the seven main chakra points. Place a crystal anywhere on the body where there is a a pain or discomfort. Also, a crystal can be held near the source of pain and rotated in the clockwise motion to draw out the problem. Snap the crystal to get rid of the unwelcome vibrations. single crystals can be placed near the soles of the feet and the pals of the hands to draw out blocks and balance energies.
Crystals are excellent biofeedback tools, and work well with creative visualization for mood and body changes. When feeling cold or chilled, hold a crystal in the left hand and draw warmth. Do this in a color meditation with deep breathing, drawing in the energy-viaulized as the color through the left side of the body, in a circuit coursing through the body that releases it from the right side to the Earth or sky. Continue doing this for several minutes until you feel warm. This works for cooling with blue as well.
For cheering, draw yellow in the same way; for calming, draw violet or indigo. Body metabolism and heart rate can be raised or lowered by this, an effect already familiar to those who have used deep breathing.
Use crystals in visualizations, affirmations, and rituals to amplify and intensify what is being done. Generally, use a crystal in the left hand to receive energy, and in the right to send it, but this can be opposite in some people. Experiment and learn what works best.
Crystals can relieve pain almost magically. In another self healing exercise, hold a crystal in the left hand, feel the energy polarity build from it; place the right hand gently on a pain area and hod it there. The pain is usually gone within half an hour. A different method recommends that you set the crystal directly on the pain area; hold it flat in the palm of the hand with the thumb; or grip it between the fingers, pointing downward. When you remove the crystal, the pain goes away.
Crystals can be used effectively in aura reading and aura healing. Hold a crystal in whichever hand feels correct, and scan the aura of the person from the head down to the toes. Feel for heat, tingling, cold, resistance. When you encounter these, rotate the crystal counterclockwise and touch the tip to the area. This energizes the aura. A clockwise motion takes energy out. After you have gone down the front and the back of the person, brush down the aura to cleanse and seal the chakras.