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Exercise 17: Psychometry
by ChezNips

This exercise is one where you will learn to transmit a variety of emotionally charged energy to objects. Along with this, you will also be learning to read the varied emotions from objects. This exercise will increase developing your control and perception of energy as well as the ability to transmit clearly. The perceiver will find in the first few sendings how his or her perception works. As this is discovered, the distinction between positive and negative emotions will become much more clear.


You will need to have your bowl of salt and to proceed through the cleansing waterfall and scraping exercises. Next you should focus your energy body as in the previous exercise to prepare. Sit opposite of your partner in the grounded position and have with you a small article of jewelry which has been previously been psychically cleaned.

Sender's instructions:

Choose an emotion that you can strongly recreate in yourself but try to select something simple such as love, hate, fear or happiness. Because you are just learning, try not to use the subtle emotions or complicated mixtures, save those for the more advanced sessions. Recreate the emotion as best as you can possibly even reliving a memory with strong emotional association. As you are doing this, direct your energy down your arm and on to the jewelry in your hand. Allow the energy to permeate the jewelry for a few minutes and then without revealing the emotion transmitted, hand the jewelry to your partner. When your partner has spent a few minutes handling the jewelry and getting a clear sense of the energy, then describe the emotion you transmitted. Try this exercise at least 4 times for each person sending.

Receiver's Instructions:

Hold the piece of jewelry loosely in your hand and try to be as open and receptive as possible. It may help to close your eyes and breathe deeply and regularly to close out the immediate surroundings and relax. It doesn't matter what you percieve and there is no right or wrong because it is your body's way of trying to show you the information you are receiving from the energy laden piece of jewelry. When you feel you have a clear sense, ask your partner what emotion way transferred so that you can begin to identify and translate the signals your body is sending to yourself. It is extremely important to remember to clean your hands and the jewelry between sendings so that new information will not be tainted with the old.


There is no doubt that everyone responds to emotions carried by energy, the challenge is in allowing yourself to be open and learning to interpret the symbols given to your conscious self by your subconscious mind. Understand that your psychic perception is still in the early stages of development and that with practice, your ability to interpret will get stronger and more reliable.


An alternative way of reading energy off an object to to place it against the 3rd eye or middle of the forhead. There is no right or wrong way, it is what is most comfortable way for you. As a variation you can try categorizing emotions into positive and negative to start out with and then get into more specifics on individual emotions. It may help to blind fold the perceiver to eliminate body language giving away hints as to the emotions or even going into a differnt room to read the object.


When both partners have clearly established how another's basic emotions feel psychically, record your observations in your journal and move on to part two.