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(8) Following the Flow
by Zeus

The tree from which you have picked knowledge along your path has been ripe and quenched much hunger. Now it is time to leap onto the eighth stepping-stone of the Paradigm Shift: Following the flow.
Life as it is known to you is reality created through overlapping and interacting energies. Some circumstances you have direct control over and others you must bear the weight of another person's interaction. It is paramount to understand which circumstances to allow, fight for, or protest against. Though time is a created concept the phrase rings true that, "there is a time for everything." And with a time for everything is a correct action for each event. In an ordered existence energy always follows set patterns and to understand that flow creates timing, correct action and the outcome you desire.
Following the flow is not just sitting back and letting life take you where it will. People that do that often do not harness the understanding of responsibility and find themselves moored in the early stages of the Paradigm Shift. Following the flow is taking appropriate action at appropriate times to create the outcome that is desired. Any and all situations in life are a result of timing and action (Does that leave room for coincidence? You have your own reality to decide.).
Let us use the search for employment as an example.
In need of a new job you look in the newspaper and find several ads that interest you. The next action is to follow their individual and unique flows and send resumes tailored appropriately to each company. At the correct time you must appear for an interview dressed in clothing appropriate to the situation. While being interviewed you must respond at the correct intervals with answers appropriate to the flow of the conversation. When you follow the flow correctly you will walk away with a new job.
In this example you'll notice the many flows of energy you must follow in order to achieve your goal, but you must also be aware that all energy interacts creating a larger flow out of many smaller ones.
As a different analogy, think of yourself as a rock in a river trying to get to a specific spot on the shoreline. The river itself is the many interacting flows of energy and the shoreline is your desired outcome, or goal. In order to achieve your goal you must be able to understand the flow you need to connect with and tumble in the river with it. By following the correct flows you will tumble to your desired spot on the shore.
There are many flows that when followed will lead to your goal. The point to understand is the interactions you create in order to get to that goal. If the disturbances are negative towards others that will mirror back to you and create disturbances as you follow the flow. At the same time if the flows you follow create balance in your actions your ability to successfully follow future flows will be increased.
Relating this stepping-stone to psi creates an outcome that is more efficient and much closer to what is desired. Psi works unconsciously and to get it to follow the flow all you must have is the Power Triangle. Once you achieve the Triangle leave the intent alone to reach its destination. Quite literally the turn around for energy to follow the flow in reality and create large outcomes is usually six to ten days (smaller, less complicated outcomes will manifest almost immediately). When doing psi understand the goal and it will come to be.
Do not sit down and expect life to hand everything to you. Take action when the time is right and a goal (even one that interacts with billions of realities) will be realized. Life and psi both depend on successfully following the flow to become and create what should be.