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by Zeus

This technique is used to make distances between two points shorter. I will use a walking example to make it easier to understand. When you are walking would it not be faster if one step that you took covered the distance of ten steps, well this is possible by folding. The technique requires a stable Power Triangle and that energy concentrated in your Psi Control Centre. When you take a step forward visualize it as being a distance of say 5m (16ft). As you get the timing correct you shouldn't feel any different except perhaps an energy surge with each footfall, but you'll see the change in distance that you are able to cover with each step. You can keep folding as long as you have energy available and the distance you can fold at a time depends only on the amount of energy within each surge.
You can fold for other people that you are travelling with. The energy needed in each surge increases by 50-75% for each additional person you are folding for. The only difference besides energy when folding for yourself and others is that you must change your visualization and Power Triangle to incorporate the other people. You can not fold for things that don't believe folding is possible ie. dogs, horses, pigs, cows .. etc. You can however fold for any human, because even if they do not think folding is possible their mind with still accept the folding energy. Also you can fold with animals that accept it ie. cats, rabbits, birds .. etc.
This techniques takes a little getting used to, so that you are not thrown off balance by the surge forward with each step. It is best to take it slowly and carefully increasing the distances covered slowly until you are used to the effects.