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by Zeus

Many intermediate level people interested in psi, and most beginners, stick to what is simply referred to as a General Psi Path. A general psi path is different for each person on it because the general path consists of bits and pieces of specific traditions the practitioner picks up throughout their life. There is no set right, or wrong when on a general path in psi since direction is guided only by the ethics and morals of each person.
While a general psi path is great as a learning tool early on it often is not recommended to stay general. Those on a general path often run into problems of conflict and negative issues brought about by not fully understanding the aspects they use from other paths. If one wishes to study and understand aspects of many paths it is accepted that they will choose their most compatible psi tradition first to understand the subtle nuances, which accompany psi. When one path is understood a person may begin to poll other paths safely without unknowingly pulling negative issues into their life. A person is able to intellectually draw parallels from one path's traditions to their base learned path and realize exactly what is occurring.
The advice of most psi teachers would be to remain on a general path until the waters of several traditions are tested and then follow the one that feels the best fit.