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Learning to use the Pendulum
by ChezNips

A good exercise to form a rapport with the subconscious mind is working with the pendulum. To start with you should either purchase or make a pendulum and get a piece of paper and a pen. To make a pendulum you need a piece of string or a chain approximately 6-8 inches long and a weight. I have made several pendulums and my favorite weight is a spare key but you could also use objects like a lead fishing weight, some sort of pendant for a necklace, even something as obscure as a ceiling fan pull works wonderfully. Tie the string to the weight leaving a good 6 inches to hold. Yes, you want a fairly short length to work with. You want a weight that is not too light- something like a paperclip is not a good idea, it doesn't given enough weight to the pendulum to keep the string taunt so that you can see a defining swing. You also don't want something too heavy because you have to hold your arm up and muscle fatige will set in quickly.

Begin by relaxing, grounding and centering. Ask your subconscious mind to connect to your higher self. It is also important to note that unlike a ouija board where you are inviting other entities to use you and possess a part of you to answer questions, that this is you answering yourself. How does this work? It works by the subconscious mind using minute muscular movements. You are connected to a higher cosmic consciousness that feeds information to the subconscious mind which stores this information and works as a databank. The subconscious stores every single memory and experience you have ever had even if you do not consciously recollect it. It's also said that you can access past life information and possibly future information. Getting answers about the future will be highly subjective though because the future has yet to happen and there are infinite possibilities of which only one will manifest as your reality.

Take your piece of paper and draw a large circle. This is called an ideogram. If you want something perfect, take a small plate or plastic lid and trace around it. There is no need to be perfect though! I have been dowsing for many years and have eventually taken a nice reproduced pendulum chart and have laminated them. Divide that circle into quarters by drawing one line horizontally all the way thru it and another line vertically all the way thru it so that it looks like a target. Now you need to go thru the process of training the pendulum of how you want it to answer Yes. Outloud say yes in a commanding and confident voice while intentionally swinging the pendulum the direction you want it to answer yes. For example, I nod my head yes, so I use that direction to swing the pendulum for the answer yes. Now repeat with the word no, swinging the pendulum in the direction you want it to answer no. It also helps to tie in the visual to mind symbolism if you write yes on the direction for yes and no on the line for no. One last thing is swinging the pendulum in a circle for the answer of maybe or unclear.

I also start off by asking my subconscious/higherself if it wants to play the pendulum game. According to the book "Self-Suggestion and the New Huna Theory of Mesmerism and Hypnosis" by Max Freedom Long also suggests forming a rapport by giving your subconscious self a name and conversing with it as you would a great trusted and beloved friend. You want to praise it when its done well and encourage the subconscious to work for you. There is also an idea from this book that the subconscious mind won't always give you the truth, but that it will give you what you want to hear. If, for example, you ask a subjective question like "Does Johnny love me?" once and you get a negative answer and you ask again and again, the subconscious mind gets the idea that it is not answering you the way you want and will give you a different answer. This is why it's always cautioned to becareful of what you ask and to be specific as possible.

Check out Pendulum Charts for free pendulum charts that you can save onto your computer to print out.

I'm asked all the time what someone can do with a pendulum and the answer that the uses of a pendulum are endless. I primarily use my pendulum to clear and measure my chakras or energy points, find lost objects, ask questions to my subconscious mind, communicate with my angels, guardians and other spirits but in all honesty, the limits are up to you. There are lots of experiments you can do to test the pendulum and your abilities. You can also experiment by using your pendulum suspended over a pet, a dead plant, healthy plant, junk food, healthy food, gem stones or to find energy spots, both positive and negative in your house and outside. Remember to relax and be neutral and above all approach this with a good healthy mental attitude of forming a communication with a part of yourself.