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Believe you are heavy
by Svenove

Short technique description:
In this technique the goal is to see if a person first is able to lift you if you don't do anything. But later when you are performing the technique so shall that not be possible or you shall feel much harder to lift.

The techniques purpose:

To clearly see that your broadcasts that you send out is affecting others that you come in contact with and to once again increase self confidence because you succeed in doing a psi technique that you easily notice that it works.


To have the biggest possible chance to succeed and to not get in energy debt so should you ( but not absolutely necessary) do the following before the technique. Ground, center, neutralize your energy, intake. After you are finished with the technique and you aren't going to do more techniques, then you should intake some more and finally ground. For more info about those techniques I advise you to read the Zeus ebooks "psi classes" and "psi vigour" and his basic psychic articles.

The techniques performance:

Here it is good if you find a partner who isn't to strong. He/she shall not be able to lift you to easily on the following way. You just stand up normally. Your partner should lift you with the hands under your armpits (the way you use to lift children). It may not be easy to lift you that way, but the partner may bend his/her knees and hold in their elbows. The partner may only lift straight up. He/she may not try to push you back/forward or on the side. It should be hard to lift you that way, but if your partner can't lift you at all, then you have to find a new one that is a little stronger ( it can be hard if your partner to lift you if he/she is much shorter than you).
The next step is that you visualize that you are really heavy. It can be done in several ways, by you can think that you are heavy as a car, or you may think about ropes or roots that go from you to earth and that holds you to the spot, or that you think up on the sky and that the sky is pushing you down. It doesn't matter what you imagine, as long as it some way should make you heavier or that you are stuck in the earth if it was reality. The most important here is that you really believe that your partner can't lift you in any way. You may even let your body get affected and you perhaps will stand in another way. It may make your thoughts more clear but it is the mental part that is important, not the physical.
Then, let the partner try to lift you again the same way, while you have a strong visualization that you are heavy and can not be lifted. If you partner felt that you have become more heavy, even if it is a tiny bit, then you have succeeded. If he/she can't lift you at all, then you will also notice that your technique is working good. If you partner succeed in lifting you and doesn't notice any difference, yes then it is only up to you to practice some more.

Comments and addons:

Remember that it is good to do the preparations first so you get as good result as possible. What is happening in the technique is that you are visualizing that you are heavy and you send all the time out broadcasts that your partner is receiving when he grabs you (even before physical contact) and try to lift you. Your partner is then experiencing that you are very heavy and hard to lift, even though you haven't gained any weight.

Recommended more reading:

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