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Candle Flame Interpretation
by Zeus

A candle flame can be interpreted in many ways and what is interpreted by an individual should be the proven method used with each casting. What interpretations appear on this page are the most common generalities associated with candle magick flames, so an individual’s personal meanings may differ.

Short - obstacles lie in the path of a successful cast and the universal is currently dealing with those before beginning to deal with the cast’s goal.
Tall - great amounts of universal is being put forth towards the cast’s goal making the cast strength very high
Normal Height - the cast is proceeding towards its set goal
Normal to Tall Flickering - cast is proceeding at a normal pace with extra energies needed for certain obstacles (this is common for complex casts)
Short to Normal Flickering - cast is dealing with obstacles and then proceeding until another obstacles needs dealing with (equates to a slow path to the goal)
Short to Tall Flickering - a high strength cast that is intermittently dealing with cast obstacles
Side to Side Movement - commonly denotes a negative (negative energy, "No")
Clockwise Circular Movement - commonly denotes a high positive (strong positive energy, "Yes", "Soon", "Quickly") also denotes a strong push towards the cast’s goal
Counter-Clockwise Circular Movement - commonly denotes a positive (positive energy, "Yes") also denotes a neutralization of a casting, or energy
No Movement - a neutral flame bent on the goal only
Dim - little energy is being put towards the cast goal (weak spell/magick)
Normal Brightness - cast is proceeding towards the goal
Bright - a lot of energy is being pushed through the cast (strong spell/magick)
Sizzling - the cast is deteriorating a strong reality in order to accomplish its goal, or a force is acting against the casting
Flame Out - if the flame goes out then the balance would be thrown too far off by the magick and the universal has denied it, or another source has defeated the cast