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Pain Removal/Reduction
by GoldBear

In healing, the client is most often satisfied by the removal of pain from their lives. Even in terminal cases, a person’s final days are made better for all involved if pain can be controlled or reduced. This being said let us proceed with a method for energetically reducing/removing pain.

The first stage in pain removal is to locate the source of the distress. This can be accomplished in two ways: responding to the chief complaint of the client, or scanning the body for locations of energy disruption. The first is most direct, but may have varying levels of effectiveness, as the source of pain is not always felt at its origin. The second also varies in its effectiveness, but is most useful in cases where the direct healing of the perceived location of pain is ineffective.

The energetic perception of pain takes a few forms depending on the healer. Personally, I see it as an irregularly shaped energy mass that is not in sync (doesn’t share the same color) as the surrounding energy. It may have a different vibration, or a “hot” feeling as well. To heal it, simply send energy through a connection to the site (physical or energetic), and combat the pain energy mass with your own energy.

It is also important to remember to return the energy to a state that is as harmonious as possible with the surrounding energy of the client's body, to prevent blockages. This should provide some if not total pain relief for the client, and allow you to have more success with healing, as the client's energy will cooperate more readily when the pain is being removed.