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Expanding the Self
by Zeus

A person is more than the physical entity that we have come to define as the self. Though the physical is an important piece of the overall entity the self beyond the physical is just as important. When a psychic creates the connections to form the energy self they are actually forming a bridge between their physical and non-physical forms. This connection is often accompanied by a shift in perceptual ability. A psychic must learn to look beyond the borders of their physical self for psi.
Using the entire self ensures that a psychic is able to fully grasp the entirety of situations and understand things beyond the limits of the physical body. As an example most people are unable to physically see auras, but in an expanded state an aura may be physically seen, or overlaid in the mind's eye. During times of true self expansion the self is able to perceive energy much more readily than it would otherwise and objects appear more crisp and intricately detailed. Psychics also notice that the physical reality will seem to have slowed, because their own energies have heightened.
During times of expansion and Optimum Psi Mindset a psychic is capable of much more than in solely physical form. The physical body holds only half of the total energy available within the entire self and so with expansion the psychic has access to all of their energy. The mind and brain are separate things; however they are deeply connected. The brain controls the physical self and the mind the energy, or non-physical self. When a psychic expands their view to the entire self the mind and brain work together to control the entire self as one.
Expansion makes psychics much more aware and allows them greater understanding to all that is. If you feel you have come to a plateau, or hit the limits of your energy be sure to expand yourself and see how much farther you have to go.