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Why is Psi difficult?
by GoldBear

Psionics hold a world of intriguing concepts and promises of "power." People, young and old, flock to the various websites and bookstores for a chance at tapping into some unknown aspect of themselves. Many of them drop out early, judging the ideas as "too flaky" or even "too complicated." Others suffer from delusions, their desires for power imprinting on a subtle mental art. They speak of creating fire, or great psionic combats. Serious practitioners do their best to stifle their laughter as these followers of "The Matrix" try to thrust us into their realities.

I decided to create this article to express some opinions of mine, that may or may not be useful to those interested in psionics, or that already use them. Whether you agree or not is irrelevant - I am not stating that this is the way things work - just my hypotheses on them.

The Greek letter Psi is representative of the mind. It is there in which all psionic practices lie. The mind is our connection between the physical world and the world that is our own thoughts. The secret is this - your mind is the only way in which you have any life change. You are not born with power - there is no ancient magickal energy given to you as a gift. The only power lies between your mind and your spirit. Now, I am not suggesting that all people are born equal, despite what we would like to believe. There are genetic inheritances, and other potential reasons for psionic ease to consider.

What I truly believe is the key to learning psi with relative ease – is using your mind. I don’t mean in a problem solving kind of way. Though, it could be viewed in that scope if necessary. What I refer to is a constant use of your mind to evaluate and reevaluate, and evaluate once again, everything you come into contact with. This may sound impossible, and it very well may be, but the effort will pay you back in dividends. You must THINK! What is love? What is power? What is hate? Defining abstract terms can be more difficult than it appears. You may find that as you make your definitions more complex, the more your view of the world and your relationship with it will change. After all, that is what we’re here for, isn’t it?