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Visualization and Meditation
by ChezNips

There are 4 types of brain wave patterns that people have. Learning about the brian waves helps you make use of the wave pattern where you can optimize the most learning.
  • Beta - The wave pattern of usual conversation and activity
  • Alpha - The wave pattern of concentration and focus
  • Theta - Deep concentration, meditation, visualization and sleep
  • Delta - Dreaming
There are also many levels in each wave pattern but I do not want to confuse those of you that are new to this. Basically from looking at the list, you want to achieve an Alpha/Theta pattern in order to learn, visualize and meditate. Don't let the word meditate scare you. It's not some advanced zen state that only the chosen can achieve. Any time you daydream about that new car or that cute girl that winked at you, you are achieving an altered state which refers to an altered brain wave pattern. There are a few ways to achieve an alpha/theta state. One is to close the eyes and to totally calm your body. The next step is brain hemisphere synchronization and the third is hypnotherapy. During all three of these methods, the alpha/theta state is produced and when that happens, you brain can create all sorts of wonderful things. We hear the "thoughts are realities" message a lot but in this state we really can make this true. Okay, so how do we get to theta without expensive equipment or a hypnotherapist? the answer is very simple.
You are going to lie or sit in a comfortable chair, relax and as you follow the Psi Palatium guidance, you are going to center, then intake universal energy by visualizing. In visualization you want to recreate mentally what all you physical senses would feel but you can go beyond that to create a whole new reality or a movie in your mind. For an example I will tell you what I do. I have a hard time concentrating and quieting my mind so I find it very helpful to use either white noise such as a fan blowing or even music, in my case music with nature sounds on it for a little extra added boost. Then you are going to see in your mind the universal energy flowing all around you. I happen to think of universal energy in the "universe" as flowing in the galaxies, around the sun and planets. I mentally ask that energy to come to me. Don't forget to filter it out by putting up a screen where you intake to filter the universal energy. I mentally see the energy coming to me in a white glowing stream and I see it going thru the screen into my body until I am glowing with that energy. I also help the filter process by seeing all the negative particles showering off the screen and flying away from me. I hear the hum of energy getting louder and louder. The goal is to see, feel, hear, even smelling and tasting things in your mind. Stop and think about the last ice cream cone you had. You mentally see yourself eating it, you taste the flavor, you feel the cold and creaminess, you may even feel it dripping over your hand. Many times you also recreate the situation you were in, perhaps hearing the laughter of friends or music and before you know it you are at the local dairy queen. All you have to do is apply that to pure energy to help you out.
Okay as long as we are talking about brain waves, let's talk about a tool that can help those of you who still have problems or would like to achieve a deeper state. This is like using training wheels to ride a bike. Once you understand how to do it, it is easy to achieve on your own. I am referring to hemisphere synchronization or theta music tapes, CD's, light and mind machines. Hemi-Sync is demonstrated in a simple way by placing a steady tone in one ear, then a different steady tone in the other ear. As these different tones are blended together in the brain, the binaural beat or wavering sound you hear is a brain-produced phenomenon. Such signals can stimulate specific states of consciousness, which are automatically learned and can then be recreated from memory.
People often regard hypnosis as a process of being led into a state of high suggestibility and relinquishing control to the hypnotist. On the other hand, Hemi-Sync is designed to allow the individual to consciously control and manipulate his/her own states of awareness. With self- or auto-hypnosis, the individual relaxes him/herself, moves to a desired state of awareness, and consciously directs the exercise. Hemi-sync is not subliminal. There are no hidden suggestions there to trick you mind. You are the leader here.
What we can learn from this is that if you can get your brain to that "magic" state, then your thoughts ARE reality.