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Exercise 10: Waterfall Visualization
by ChezNips

One of the basic and easiest ways of causing the energy-body to produce effects is through visualization. Remember that even though visualization is used extensively, it is a means by which to state the goal but that the energy body part of you needs to do the work to follow that goal. Visualization is simply a means in which to give instruction to the energy and in this case, the instruction or intent is to remove all the psychic debris from our energy field and physical bodies.

Preparation :

It will be assumed that in the intermediate section that you have already read and completed the novice section exercises. It will also be assumed that you have read the full exercise and understand it as well as wearing natural non-binding clothing and removed all jewelry. Sit or stand in the grounding position.


Start by closing your eyes and visualizing you are standing in a river with a waterfall gently cascading over your head and the flow of water pooling at your feet is going away from you. As you do this try to encompass as much of the real experience as you can by *feeling* the cool water splashing over your head, down your back and shoulders and down your legs carrying with it all the stresses, old emotions and distracting thoughts that have been gathered during the day. Let the stream at your feet carry all this junk away from you while you are refreshed and relaxed and enjoying this experience. It is recommended that you do this exercise while giving special attention to each and every part of your body. After you have completed doing the exercise one, try it one more time. When you have finnished the second time, walk out feeling refreshed and lightened and cleansed thoroughly.


You can do this exercise while you are actually in the shower. Many times having the actual water and doing the visualization interactively helps clarify to the mind what it is you wish to convey to the energy. There are many ways of doing this exercise, the main point is that visualization gives the energy its instructions often by showing the energy what to do. A picture in this case is worth a thousand words and you can, by all means, substitute your own visualization or use the filtering visualization created by Zeus instead.


Record your observations in your journal.