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Exercise 4: Grounding
by ChezNips

The energy body is what you have been using to both direct energy and to perceive it. This energy body has many different names. It's also called your astral body or light body. The energy body can be complex and although its composed entirely of energy, it still follows natural laws just as the physical body does in most cases. Using the whole energy body structure in all your psychic endeavours, you can accomplish more tasks with less effort.

It is necessary for you to be completely in touch with your whole physical body in order to use the energy body. This in turn halps you feel more grounded and centered and will make more energy available to you to use.


Read the entire exercise and understand it. Wear all natural non-binding clothing and remove all jewelry.


Sitting Posture- Find a comfy spot on the floor, either on a rug or a pillow and sit cross legged. Slightly leaning forward, let your arms rest on your knees and thighs. In Yoga, this position is called the tailor posture. A substitution of the full or half lotus posture can be made, which ever is the most comfortable and well balanced for you to make it easiest to concentrate on your psychic exercises.

Standing Posture-

Standing with your feet about shoulder width apart, put your weight on the forward part of your feet. Relax your shoulders and flex your knees slightly. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale out your mouth with even breaths. Now gently flex each part of your body starting with your feet. Lift one foot, rotate it at the ankle. Continue with the other parts of your body. Pay particular attention to the spot about 2 inches below your belly button, the center of your body. When you feel absolutely centered, you can begin your psychic exercises.


You should review the first 3 exercises using the full energy body. Journal any differences from using the entire energy body versus not using the full energy body, When you are perceiving the energy can you tell any difference in the strength or amount of energy? When you are sending energy, can you tell if the exercise is easier using the full energy body? The idea is that it takes much less effort to send energy when you are grounded that it might appear as if nothing is happening. Your partner who is the perceiver in these exercises can give you helpful feedback. Another benefit of these exercises is that perceiving energy also becomes much easier when your mind set is in the grounded position and the body follows. Its like a mental exercise to relax and be more open. THe perceiver often feels his skills are stronger and clearer in the grounded positions. You may wish to experiment further by alternating your whole energy body versus not using the whole energy body. Remember to record your observations in your journal.


Although no one has ever reported any discomfort or difficulty as a result of doing this exercise, the precaution should be taken that if you feel uncomfortable preforming this or any exercise, you should stop immediately.