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Connections (Practical)
by Zeus

  • PCC Theory
  • Visualization
  • Connection Theory

  • Connections are essential in one-on-one sessions with other individuals.
  • The connection is necessary for connected forms of psi techniques such as: empathy, healing, telepathy, and remote viewing.

  • Intake and Centre before continuing.
  • Visualize a thread, cable, or pipeline (your choice) between your PCC and the brow focal point (third eye). This will act as the carrier between transmission at your brow and reception in your PCC.
  • Create a neutralizing screen at the brow focal point to ensure no unwanted energy is inadvertently transferred during the technique.
  • After gaining consent visualize a thread, cable, or pipeline extending out from the brow focal point and hooking into the other individual’s brow focal point.
    1. Empathic Connections
  • Since this connection is meant to be one-way only into the initiator it is not necessary to create an overly large connection. Typically the visual of a thread or cable will suffice to bring the thoughts of the other individual to the initiator.
  • When surface empathy is the goal no more must be done other than to listen and feel what information flows down the connection.
  • Should a deeper session be the goal the initiator may take the connection further into the other individual by connecting directly down into the PCC. This is considered an intrusive procedure.
    2. Telepathic Connections
  • This is a two-way connection and as such requires the visualization of a larger and/or stronger type connection. Typically the initiator will visualize a pipeline being connected between the two individuals involved.
  • Light telepathic connections need not have further intrusion; however like the empathic connection the telepathic connection may be taken directly down to the other individual’s PCC in order to create a solid connection.
    3. Healing Connections
  • Healings are often twinned with telepathic connections in order that the healer may track the progress of the technique.
  • In order to create the best feedback deeper telepathic connections are used.
  • The healing connection is often visualized as being even more robust than a normal telepathic connection as it must also carry the energy to heal. A typical visual would be simply a larger pipeline, or even a reinforced pipe of some sort.
    4. Disconnecting
  • Upon finishing the technique the initiator must always ensure to disconnect the connection.
  • Disconnecting is done in the exact opposite order of the initial connection right down to the initiator’s PCC.
  • Care should be taken to dismantle the neutralizing screens used during the technique, so they do not continue to use energy when they are no longer necessary.
  • Intake, Centre and Ground to finish connection techniques.

  • Attempt differing connection strengths between the brow focal point and the PCC in order to transfer the clearest signal.
  • Attempt different connection visuals as each individual will have a slightly different visual that will send/receive the clearest for them.
  • In connections where a lot of errant energy is present screens may be periodically placed throughout the connection to help reduce the affects of the energy.

  • A neutralizing filter setup at the PCC and before the connection to the brow focal point can help to reduce both noise and errant energy. This screen should be created if a feeling of nausea accompanies the connection.
  • Deeper connections can lead to a person losing their sense of self. If at any time the initiator feels they are losing themselves they should immediately disconnect, and Centre.
  • Even with care energy from the other individual may enter the initiator’s body, so screening the entire body for neutrality is often recommended after prolonged technique use.
  • Due to the nature of connections dehydration is a valid concern when using this technique. Ensure proper fluid levels are up kept throughout its use.

  • There is no set timeline.