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Exercise 7: Increasing Your Energy
by ChezNips

The key to vitality is to have free-flowing energy. When we lack psychical energy, it can sometimes lead to the physical sensation of being tired. It is very easy to obtain psychic energy since it is all around us and we can tell our body to produce more. Psychic energy is available from the atmosphere and from life all around us. This exercise should be done outside in a nice comfortable environment near natural sources of water if available and near trees and grass/vegetation.


Read the entire exercise and understand it. Wear natural non-binding clothing and remove all jewelry. Sit, stand, or lie in the grass in a grounded position.


With a broad awareness of your entire body, make sure all muscles are loose nad relaxed. Shake your hands and feet a little and rotate the ankle joints to loosen and relax them. Deep breathe slowly and evenly. Close your eyes if you wish and absorb energy from the environment all around you. Bring it to you with a gentle, even pull. If it helps, use something symbolic as discussed in earlier exercises such as a magnet or a vacuum to aid your absorption.


If you are an inner city dweller, you may find it increasingly difficult to find a suitable location to do this exercise. This exercise can be adapted to almost anywhere you can find a patch of healthy grass to rest your barefeet on. Some people may choose to use a flower box of loose dirt or even river stones to put their hands in to absorb energy. You only need to remember to keep all muscles loose and relaxed and to maintain the grounded position. It also helps to see the energy in your minds eye flowing into your body. To help the visualization, remember to also feel it as well until you feel pleasantly full. If you take in more energy then you are comfortable with, let the excess energy drain out your hands or feet. Remember the mental willing of releasing this energy is enough to direct it to do so.


If you are wearing synthetic clothing, the energy benefites could be markedbly less. You should remove all nylon, rayon and otherwaize man made clothing and do not attempt to use that part of your body to draw in energy. An example of this is if a female is wearing pantyhose. Insted of using the feet to draw in energy, use a different part of the body. Its also very helpful to physically touch a plant or tree.


Journal your observations and repeat as often as necessary.