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(10) You Can, But Should You
by Zeus

Walking in neutrality and understanding towards your personal quest in the Paradigm Shift brings you closer and closer to a conclusion. What is to understand with the Paradigm Shift stepping-stones is that the path never really ends. Each time a new realization is made, and each time a new level is reached the path repeats. The repeating cyclical path moves you towards enlightenment continually. Every step, every movement forward, brings you closer to completing only a small portion of what is the Total Paradigm Shift. Moving from the ninth stepping-stone brings you to confront the tenth stepping-stone: You Can, but Should You.
When a new level is reached, new powers are unleashed and new horizons are there for you to reach towards. The point of the Paradigm Shift is to move forward, but moving forward does not always mean using everything you understand, or can do. There is method to not using every technique you know. Take for an example a bully at a school. The bully is able to, because of superior physical size, pick on and torment smaller and less aggressive children. It is a common occurrence at many schoolyards to have at least one bully. What the bully does not understand is that they can use their superior size in neutrality instead of in negative forms. A bully picks on people, simply because they can, in order to reach a goal, or even just for fun. While this is a riot for the bully it is not much fun for those that the bully is centring out. In this case the bully should use their physical size to help instead of to create harm and heartache. Why is this? The bully that picks on the weaker person is doing nothing, but creating harmful waves of intent and interaction that will someday wash back at them. If the bully were to use their physical prowess to help the smaller people, and do so with less selfish motives then they would create much nicer waves of energy coming back at them. Obviously an outsider is able to see the error of bullying, but the bully is caught within a dome that blinds them to the effects of what they are doing.
The same domes that keep a bully blind can keep other people, especially those in psi, blind to the implications of what they are doing. Many people will enter into the path of enlightenment for incorrect reasons, even revenge. Poor motives, and unclear goals are met with much resistance in the circles of psi. The reason for this is to keep those that have little, or no understanding of what they're really doing from harming themselves, or others. With that said, many of those people will retaliate that they know what they are doing and that they understand the consequences. It is rare that you should believe this from someone that is not a master of their art. A good thing to remember is that even expert explosive layers sometimes mess-up and are killed because of it.
Yes, each step in psi and each level that you progress will open up new possibilities and gifts for your use. But, it should always be looked at as more of a burden than a happy giving of gifts. Responsibility is the major burden of enlightenment. When a person truly understands what can and will happen they must let others know that what they are doing might injure them, but they must also allow them to make the mistakes of learning. A person that does not learn through trial and error, but instead is fed the answers learns the techniques and may even skip through the levels; however that person will not learn, nor bother to learn whether they should truly do what they have learned.
A person may learn telepathy, or telekinesis and both are wonderful things. The problems arise when they lack the understanding to put them to proper use. Using telekinetic ability to ease the burden of life is not something that should be done. Remember that each time psi is used the balance of reality is disturbed and that takes time to rectify. If one were to use telepathic ability to gain personally without others being aware of what they are doing, does that make it right? The answer is no. The major responsibility of enlightenment is to keep the balance and neutrality, so others may reach the same goal. While it is true that neutrality must be lost from time to time in order to learn, grow, or fight, it is important for all other times. If you do not understand when the time is to be neutral and when is the time to be charged, then you do not deserve to ever be charged. This is not because you cannot charge your energy, it is simply because you are not aware of what the interaction of your charged energy may have on the energy around and interacting with you. Enlightenment is a gift; understanding is a gift. The use of what comes from enlightenment and understanding is governed by responsibility.
When you first stepped onto the Paradigm Shift pathway you should have been ready, not to learn, not to understand, not to grow, but to take on responsibility like you had never before imagined. The responsibility that each new level gives you makes you the better person, not what you can do with each level. It is the responsibility that shows you that you can, but should you.