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Threads and the Power Triangle
by Zeus

Knowledge is the key to all aspects of psi and life in general. Without some form of knowledge the concepts that bind reality together begin to fall apart. Knowledge does no concern itself as to why, or how something works it simply cares that it does work. Information, whether right or wrong, drives Knowledge within reality and the ripple effect (stone thrown into pond) ensures that all aspects are given access to the Knowledge information. Within society some people can be said to be of Knowledge quality, or using psi terms on a Knowledge Thread. These people are the cornerstones of life concepts in that they collect and pass information throughout the population. Without Knowledge lessons cannot be learned and cannot be passed on. At the same time society, and in turn reality, is unable to sustain itself on Knowledge alone, since it is volatile. There has to be a portion of society that moves beyond the information to search for the Truth.
Truth builds upon Knowledge within systems like reality to weed out unsupported, or misinformation. People of a Truth nature, or those on a Truth Thread always seek to the source of the information that they come into contact with. This group within society acts to filter the knowledge flying around, so that only accurate information is conveyed. Truthful information moves away from the concept of Knowledge in that it is the marrying of Truth and Knowledge. Usually this marriage leads to Understanding meaning that information passed in society is the truth. Yet beyond Truth there must be another section of society that deals with the Understanding filtered through the Truth.
People that take the Understanding and act upon it, or more often those that showcase to others the Truth of the Knowledge are of Power, or on the Power Thread. Within the Power sector of society are the people that realize the implications of understanding and act according to the outcome of responsible judgement.
All of the above does not create a class system within society; it simply categorizes the manner in which a person may naturally operate. People of Knowledge, or Truth also have the ability to create responsible judgement. However, it is generally more common that a Knowledge Thread person will make decisions based upon personal beliefs rather than the ultimate truth. It is also usual for people of Knowledge to judge situations without objectivity. Truth people are more likely to objectively look at situations though in searching for the truth often run into obstacles of paranoia because of the manner by which they seek the truth. Those of the Truth Thread often make for the best judgement as they rarely seek the corresponding Power associated with Understanding. Power people take what is provided to the next level and act objectively upon it to ensure that everyone enjoys the benefits of truthful knowledge. It needs to be shown that this reasoning is only the most common and that there are exceptions.
Society and reality as a whole cannot operate in only a single mode. All aspects, or threads must work together to create the best possible environment in which to live and operate.