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The Chakras
by Rhyannon

There are seven major and four minor Chakras listed here. Chakra literally means "Wheel of light”. They are spinning energy vortexes and part of our energy body. Located just above the skin or on the skin spinning. When in balance the spinning is at a steady rate, when not in balance they can spin too fast or sluggishly. Chakras are believed to govern the area of the body they are associated with, ex. The Base Chakra (generally called The Root Chakra) governs the hip area.

When the Chakras are open, spinning and balanced we unite our body, mind and spirit. Each Chakra has a specific function that relates to our energy self. Energy records are stored in the chakras, when you have a negative, neutral, or positive experience, the chakra records it. The more unbalanced you become in any situation the corresponding chakra will become unbalanced and blocked. It is possible you do not even know it is off balance. When unbalanced issues come up again and if they are still not in balance most likely the same things will happen. Learning about the chakras will help you learn how to deal with your energy self and keep you and your chakras in balance. Chakras give you clues on issues that need work. When you recognize a problem with one chakra, you work in conjunction with the others to achieve balance and harmony. There are exercises to help you clean and balance your Chakras if you believe you are blocked.

For Centering we use the following Chakras:

Chakra 1 Base

Color: Red
Located: Base of the spine
Function: Grounding, survival instincts, security, and self-esteem.

Chakra 5 Throat

Color: Sky Blue
Located: Throat
Function: Wisdom, self expression, Truth

Chakra 2 Sacral

Color: Orange
Located: Just below the belly button
Function: Emotional issues, creativity, sexual functions.

Chakra 6 Third Eye

Color: Purple/indigo
Located: Forehead
Function: Insight, vision, giving and receiving

Chakra 3 Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow
Located: Solar Plexus
Function: Judgements, seat of our power, creates our sense of self.

Chakra 7 Crown

Color: White
Located: Crown
Function: Divinity, oneness to all, spiritual connection

Chakra 4 Heart

Color: Green
Located: Center of chest
Functions: Love, healing, compassion
Four Minor Chakras

Color: whatever you choose
Locations: One on each hand and foot.
Functions: Receiving and sending energy, transmutation