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Use psi as preparation for different things
by Svenove

Short technique description:

I will write about just an example on a psi intent preparation you can do before you execute the thing, which in this case is to drink something strong without making a grimace.

The purpose of the technique:

To widen the imagination for what you can do with psi. That you if you are better prepared can meet different things in life in an optional way and thereby better yourself.


As usual it is good with the usual preparations, but this technique is probably not so hard for most people and will be very quick to test. But here comes the preparations anyhow. To have the biggest possible chance to succeed and to not get in energy debt, you should (but not absolutely necessary) do the following before the technique. Ground, neutralize your energy, center, and intake. After you are done with the technique and are not about to do more techniques, you should intake again and finally ground.

The techniques performance:

This technique may not have any effect on some people, because some can stand some strong things, but then you have to try find something else you can do instead. If I drink something strong like alcohol, my body is reacting on it and the most obvious thing is my grimace. Before I tried to not make an grimace, but there were always some kind of funny face. What I want you to do, is to drink something strong and see if you get a clear grimace or that your body react in a clear way you can notice. I don't want to recommend that you drink a lot of alcohol. It will be enough with a little sip and you can instead drink a "get alert" drink called chi-san. It is more healthy but even that one has some alcohol. You can try drink a pressed lemon which can also taste quite strong and is healthier and works just as well if you get a grimace off it. When you have found something appropriate to drink that you react on, I want you to do the following.

Think that you are in your pcc (Psi Control Center) (see psi control center in e-books psi vigour for more info about pcc). Tell yourself that you won't make a grimace at all the next time you get a sip from the strong drink you have chosen. You have to believe in yourself. Keep the thought and the feeling in your pcc. Take the sip and keep the thought and notice the result. When it has gone some seconds and you notice that you don't get a grimace any more, then relax and maybe you will then get the reaction and grimace. When you relaxed and forgot about the thought, then the body may react as it wants again and you will notice that you are in control of your body.

Comments and addons:

If you don't succeed, then prepare even more by centring and sending more energy to your pcc, so you have enough to perform the technique. Try again and take a sip without thinking about something special and notice that you get a grimace again. Feel proud if you succeed.

Steps to make the technique more advanced:

It is up to you to find other uses for similar techniques. You can decide for anything you want to do and hold that thought in your pcc. Maybe you don't want to feel pain. Just be careful in your exploring. But everything is possible and you can't do anything if you don't take the first step and try.