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Aquarian Rune Divination
by Fire_Opal

The essence of each human being is spirit. As spirit we are conscious energy living in a world where energy solidifies to become matter.
Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs are also energies that, like magnets, attract like energies to them. This phenomenon is called resonance. Because of resonance our outer reality always reflects what's inside us, and our inner reality creates what we experience.
When you pull a Rune from a bag, or a Tarot card from a deck, you are working with the law of resonance. The knowledge symbolized by the oracle reflects the divine wisdom that is within you. In such a way divination is a kind of game you play with two parts of yourself... the you searching for truth and the you which knows the answer.
Every civilization on earth has used some form of divination. In the past, the art was reserved for only those believed to possess "supernatural" powers. As humanity awakens to a higher level of consciousness, it's time to recognize divination as a self-empowerment tool which anyone can use. Wisdom is power, and there is no greater power than knowing one's self.