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Exercise 20: Perceiving Musical Tones
by ChezNips

Now that you have tested different emotions transmitted through energy, we can start testing more specific information. We know that energy can vibrate at different frequencies and therefore makes sending musical tones an ideal task to test. During the first several sendings, the perceiver will be establishing the base line and discovering how psychic energy can be translated into musical sounds. The perceiver will start out simple and establish the difference between high and low notes and graduate to the more advanced areas of distinguishing between specific notes to be able to vocalize the specific tone by humming or singing.


Have the dish of salt ready. Clean and prepare by focusing your energy body. It may also be helpful in listening to a few musical scales before engaging in this exercise.

Sender's Instructions:

Mentally sound a tone and engage it with some drawn energy. Send the energy down your arm and out your pointer finger to your partner's hand. It is very important to hear the tone strongly in your head as you are sending. This act causes the energy to vibrate at that specific frequency. Remember that what you are doing mentally is giving the subconscious mind directions for what to do with the energy so giving strong clear instructions to the subconscious mind is imperative. When the perceiver has a strong sense of the energy, hum or sing that note out loud. Alternate between high and low notes. Clean your hands between sending and perceiving sessions and preform this exercise 4 or more times.

Perceiver's Instructions:

Hold your hand open and palm up on your knee and try to take a few deep breaths and relax while opening your perception. When you get a clear sense of the energy, alert your partner. He will then hum or sing the specific note. This helps you learn how to translate the vibration into sound. You may find that high notes feel strong, sharp, piercing with a quicker pulse or wave type from the lower tones that may feelwider and slower pulsing. Make sure to clean your hands between each session.


You can do several variations of this exercise if you find it a bit too advanced for you. See if the perceiver can discern if the silently scale being transmitted by the sender is moving up or down. After trying this it may be easier if the perceiver can tell the difference between a high note and a low note. As you get better with the exercise see if the perceiver can distinguish a specific note and hum it. remember to watch body language and not give away hints.


It may happen that if a sender sends a specific note that the perceiver may interpret the tone but in a different octave either above or below the scale being used. This sometimes happens with you have a sender that uses noteswithin their own vocal range such as soprano or bass.


Don't get discouraged. This is a challenging exercise that can seem fristrating at first but really help in developing your perception and sharpening it. Record all observations in your journal.