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Dream Interpretation by Example 4
by Zeus

Please note that following text in italics is conveyed as the dream, or dreamer’s statements.

Example Dream and Interpretation #1

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I am at school eating lunch (someone is there with me), but not as a student (I wasn't a student of that school). The place isn't really a school cafeteria, it is like a restaurant, but owned by a school where everyone can go eat.

Dreamer: I'm venturing out to new projects to move me forward. While doing this I am not alone. The dream says it’s time to get moving on things. I think the dream also tells me not to forget about things I still have to take time for to work on, probably meaning social contacts, relationships etc and that this is difficult for me.

Author: The dreamer feels a need for social interaction, but does not want to let anyone too far into their personal space. The restaurant-like setting acts as a security blanket of space.

I go to the principal's office (the hall way where his office is located was that of the high school I went to) and take the principal with me while he is unconscious (not sure how why he was unconscious, I think I just found him like that).

Dreamer: I think the dream stresses the importance of working on social things. I think it also shows I don't know how to do this.

Author: The dreamer takes the authority figure that represents going in the right direction and correct action even when unconscious.

Not long after that they notice the principal is missing everyone starts panicking and the police is called. Everyone leaves the food hall out of panic, except for me, someone next to me (the person who was there with me) and the principal who is under the chair next to me, still unconscious.

Dreamer: This shows I feel helpless in social matters etc and perhaps not realize possibilities in this matter already around me.

Somehow nobody notices the principal lying unconscious under the chair, not even the police notices as they scout and secure the parts of the school searching for him.

Dreamer: I'm oblivious to some of the things I am missing and perhaps also not taking enough responsibility to fix them.

Author: Self checks by the dreamer’s conscience to ensure that in relearning his place in social society isn’t out of control. The dreamer recognizes that there is a shift in authority over his life.

Then the principal wakes up and intends to tell everything (how I took him with me to where I was sitting). I go after him and stop him to beg him not to tell. I explain my intentions I had (don't know which those were, apparently I had gone to visit him for some reason the dream didn't specify) and that I didn't mean to cause all this fuss (panic and police showing up etc) and I also explain it would get me in troubles I really don't deserve to be in. He understands and sympathizes so he leaves the matter as it is and won't tell anyone.

Dreamer: I am becoming aware that I should work on these aspects of my life, but I'm not happy with it. I think the dream says I am not accepting or recognizing problems consciously. Maybe the dream is also saying I wish they could be solved easily or that someone else could help me with it or do it for me.

Author: The dreamer understand that while their own life is changing and aspects of authority no longer apply to them as they use to there is still need to respect the rules of society.

Conclusion for Example Dream #1

Dreamer: In real life I'm really not good with social things, but I don't mind it either. I don't know why it would be important to have these things in life (I think the dream is talking about relationships and being able to share feelings with someone), because I've never had them and don't really seem to miss them. I'm used to living like this and I don't get depressed or miss anything. I'll be interested in hearing what other people think about this.

Author: The dreamer seems to be breaking out of their emotional shell with this dream and practicing different aspects of the emotional self. The dreamer is also recognizing that their emotional change is greatly impacting other areas of their life and attempting to deal with those authority issues.

Example Dream and Interpretation #2

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

I am in a big battle somewhere on open fields of earth. There is no green to spot, only the open fields on a soil of earth. The sky above is dark grey and the only light visible comes from a distance away from where I am, where the clouds still let it through. But above the fields I am there are only dark grey clouds. It isn't raining however. Everyone is pretty spread out on the field as they fight. Their weapons are of metal, they look sword-like and there are possibly axes as well.

Dreamer: All this seems to have a common theme of me apparently having basic urges and that I'm not optimistic about having them fulfilled.

Author: The dreamer is looking into their awareness of their actions on other people. They are also looking at the need to adjust to being part of a great whole.

Time jumps ahead a lot to the present day (though it felt like the 70's, the technology etc was of the present day). In the present I am somewhere and my sister is there with me as well. I also have a phone number that I can call that allows me to do everything or get anything (calling it would be like enabling god mode and I could do anything). The number is only for emergencies. I think the number went 979 followed by another set of 3 numbers.

Dreamer: I think this means I just want to escape or ignore basic things. It says I want to just skip ahead to it being solved so I can feel like I belong somewhere. The phone number enforces the want to just have these things worked out so I can move on to more important things, because I don't seem to think these basic things should be taking up any of my time.

Author: There is a conflict between not seeing the conscious need for these basics while unconsciously realizing that such mundane emotional trappings are legitimate and necessary.

I or we want to go play tennis and we chase someone on indoor tennis fields (big fields in big halls). The person we chase is part of our group or team and it is playful the way we chase him (playful in the way that he isn't really running from us to escape us since he was part of our group or team (I think his name was Michael; but I don't know who that is), but we did have to speak with him. Some people who were playing tennis were disturbed by us running across the tennis fields and the manager of the place comes take a look at what's going on. We explain we have to catch the person we're chasing.

Dreamer: I think this is about the challenges I want dealt with so I can be part of a group and be accepted by people. Maybe the dream also warns me here to follow the good advices I get and not get sidetracked.

Author: Inability to catch the conscious need to deal directly with the emotional self while attempting to explain why there is need for the changes.

So we go on and end up in the backside of the complex which is another tennis hall but this one was really huge and the walls with pillars were made of stone, like it used to be a great ancient hall, just huge. There were many tennis fields in it, all empty, and on one side it had huge windows with glass doors leading to an outside concrete courtyard with some plants or small trees in it. The view was that of the backside of normal jointhouses.

Dreamer: I think this means that the result of dealing with basic needs and emotions would open many possibilities and new understanding to me. I would also be very strong and stable. I would grow a lot.

Author: Dealing with and learning the emotional self leads to the safety and security that the dreamer is consciously seeking.

I ask my sister if we could live in this huge hall for as long as we have to be around here, because I like it there (and I think to myself this could be our headquarters and we could set up beds for everyone, the team, in the backside of the hall which is dark because not much light reaches that far down the hall) and I ask her if the manager would be ok if we rented it. My sister said it would be possible (with our budget) and the manager would accept it.

Dreamer: I like this idea and want it to be in my life, but I am still not recognizing well enough what keeps me from it. Others around me support me in achieving this and also want me to achieve this.

Author: Intuitively the dreamer realizes what needs to be done but is consciously unaware of how to go about actually getting their “ducks in a row”.

Suddenly there is a bird flying around near us in the hall. My sister and father don't know how to get the bird to go away. I tell them to make the bird move closer to the open windows so he would fly out, but they aren't managing to do so. So I decide to do it myself and go closer to the bird as it is flying around (now the bird is recognizable as a dove/pigeon) and I let it come sit on my hand. I then move to the window and give the bird a little throw/push through the open window.

Dreamer: Another result would be being in peace and harmony and I would be able to excel.

Author: The dreamer realizes that though emotions tend to stir their conscious self quickly they must remain calm in order to realize the freedom they seek.

After this it’s time to get working, I have to go fight a criminal, more specifically a master mind criminal. I am outside in a short alley where my mother gives me a new telephone number, the first 3 digits are again of the yxy sort followed by 3 other digits (and the function of the telephone number is again enabling god mode in case of emergency, but now its function can also be just to call for back-up).

Dreamer: I think this means that I am trying to work on it and trying to deal with distractions that are keeping from doing so. I'm trying to become free. Maybe the dream is also saying that I'd like help or have things to work more in my advantage because I think they aren't.

Author: The dreamer is dealing with their emotional centre, but is not entirely at ease with the prospect of doing so alone.

I manage to catch and deal with the master criminal and as I am putting some objects of his in the trunk of a car (I am in the process of cleaning up the whole place) some of his followers or servants approach me. They're not there to cause any problems it seems, they just seem like they want to be informed about things. I am on my guard anyway just in case they do become hostile, but they don't. Instead they begin to chat a bit to me and tell stories while I am still cleaning up the whole place and climb on a safe and then on the roof of the office where the master criminal worked. I am attaching cords to a big safe and I think even the office building itself (it was a fairly small one story building). I think the idea was to prepare the safe and building to remove the safe and maybe even the entire office by lifting them up and taking them away somewhere for storage. That way no one else could take over operations from there and continue the criminal activity and by taking them somewhere else researchers (from the same place that gave me this mission) could take their time inspecting everything. I also think that the followers of the master criminal referred or thought of me as one of the wizards as I caught their leader and was cleaning up everything.

Dreamer: I think this means I am dealing with things and moving forward with it, but that it is harder than I thought it would be.

Author: The dreamer is realizing conscious effort in working with the emotional self. Insecurities in delving into that aspect of the self is put to rest by a previously hostile group that proves to be kind.

Conclusion for Example Dream #2

Dreamer: This seems to be a dream about dealing with basic feelings, how I have difficulty with them and am trying to work through it so I can move forward and start realizing my potential.

Author: I agree with the dreamer’s conclusion in that this dream deals specifically with basic feelings and emotions.

Example Dream and Interpretation #3

The dream began in a rural setting with a farm on one side of the gravel road, and a cornfield on the other. To the left of the first pictures of the scene was a deep valley that the road went down into and then back out of. There were deciduous trees in the valley as well as a small access road that went off to the right side of the road through the trees. There were two police officers just passed the access road in the valley (on foot) with their car parked in the access road.

The roadway represents the dreamer’s inner self. The farm is a safe spiritual place that is grounded and down to earth and the cornfield shows new developments. The valley is the inner self of the dreamer with the trees and access road as life and life choices.

I was an officer at the top of the hill speaking with two women that we were supposedly protecting from some evil entity. I spoke with them for awhile and then went across to get a drink from the farm. At this point the two women who were both driving convertible cars hidden just inside the cornfield decided it might just be better to follow the entity instead of hiding from it. As they agreed a red rag-top jaguar drove by in movie-like slow motion and a Bandit-esque Burt Reynolds looked over to them and smiled – it was the evil entity.

In this block the dreamer is showing themselves as an authority figure that is supposedly guarding the intuition from sensing, or being with some negative aspect of the self. The intuition of relationships is left outside of the safe area of the farmyard and sits in the new developments side of the dreamer.

The women started their cars and took off following the jaguar. The police officer at the top of the hill, which was no longer first person me, called to the other officers and the scene shifted to the valley. The two officers raced back to their squad car only to find it upside down, which was obviously caused by the entity. After some initial talk of defeat the officers decided to turn the car back over and summoning great strength they did just that. Upon getting the car upright they opened the doors and found three dead aliens in the front seat. After making some comment about this always happening they removed the bodies, got in the car and drove up to the farm.

There is a block in dealing with the base emotional self that is not of the self, but it is dealt with and the authority returns to the safe house.

Upon entering the farmhouse the officers were outfitted with shotguns, handguns, and some weapon (presumably a gun) called the SK.

This is the dreamer getting ready to protect their base intuitive self.

From there everything was loaded into the squad car and the three officers piled in. They then headed down the road towards the evil entity’s house. Upon entering the house the plan was to rescue the women, kill the entity and escape without dying (a lofty plan but a good idea). After much running up and down stairs and finding secret rooms the women were located and everyone made it out of the house alive. Upon exiting the house the entity somehow lost its powers and the house imploded upon itself.

Protective stability manages to uncover and search through all aspects of the dreamer’s self and many levels of the dreamer’s consciousness and in doing so banishes the negative aspect of the self that is causing issues with relational intuition.

Conclusion: The dreamer is searching themselves for reasons and fixes to relationship issues and in doing so manages to find, understand, and banish what is creating the issue(s).

Example Dream and Interpretation #4

In this instance the male dreamer provides not only a dream, but also their interpretation of it as learned through the steps in this dream course. I have added additional interpretative information for comparison.

We are on a school trip to go skiing. I find myself on a ski track, but rather than going down like usual the purpose of this one is to go up the snowy white mountain in front of me as fast as possible by walking/sliding with the skies. Not everyone had to hurry of course; it was recreational so people could also take it easy. It wasn't as hard as it sounds because the road up was in curves (like roads up hill in mountain areas are) so the track wasn't too steep. I see three groups of people starting, there is a guy who says when they can start, and the last group consists of people who will take it slow. I go up as well but go on my own pace, on the way ahead I see a group of girls who don't think it’s fun to go all the way up the mountain and they want to do something else so they turn around to go down again, much easier. On the final point of the ski track up a part of the mountain there is a small wooden lodge you go in to because the track leads into it. There you get lifted up and asked to get out of the skis.

Dreamer: School usually means learning experience. I have a competitive nature which makes me want to get through things as fast and good as possible. My ego still looms but I am doing a pretty good job nonetheless it seems.

Author: The dreamer is learning that they must work against emotional coldness in order to reap the benefits of social and group contact.

You have to give people a ticket to confirm you came from down the mountain and aren't a random person who doesn't belong there. I didn't have my ticket with me because I left in my green jacket which I took off down the mountain before going up. I asked if I could get it and they gave me 10 minutes. I asked if I could use the jump off point (like in schanzenspringen) because I thought that was the point of going up the mountain and to give a ticket, to than be able to fly back down on the skis. But apparently that wasn't allowed for people with no experience in it because of the risk and because inexperienced people would get too nervous. They said that I could instead walk down along a path like everyone else who isn't allowed to jump. I return with the ticket and chat a bit with the girl at the ticket place and talked about my sister who apparently also worked at that place and the girl at the ticket place recognized her name. Then I get a spaghetti bolognese, apparently that was also part of the ticket deal.

Dreamer: I enjoy dropping the shell and over protectiveness I have but this also brings along confusion to me and also fear of things not working out as I'm more vulnerable and consider the reality of a need to belong and fit in somewhere in society. None of that can stop me from being very driven once I have decided to take on a new adventure.

Author: There is a price to pay for social interaction and as the dreamer points out they are far more vulnerable in allowing themselves into unknown emotional situations. The sister in this case represents the dreamer’s emotions.

I ask where I could eat it and she mentions two restaurants, one being nearby on the mountain. My classmates apparently want to eat the spaghetti somewhere else so I just go along, but of course it brings along all the trouble of not finding another restaurant (in the dream restaurants seemed more like a bunch of free tables) that allows people to eat food that isn't ordered from them. When we finally find some free big square white tables everyone wants to sit there but I worry there isn't enough room for the group of girls who are with us and I wanted to sit next to a girl classmate. But then I see we can sit on the other sides of the tables as well so we could all sit there. When sitting down I also noticed that the tables said they were for emergency only and were of something like the Red Cross.

Dreamer: I think this last part says I need more stability and social connections in my life. There isn't much of that right now but it’s very necessary and the possibility is there and it looks I'm like I'm not afraid of it.

Author: The restaurants are social places for the dreamer to experience their emotional self without having to worry about the on-on-one of more intimate settings. In saying that the dreamer wants to go to the next level of social connection but fears the unknown aspects of it and still wants an out (Red Cross).

Conclusion for Example Dream #4

Dreamer: I find my interpretation of this dream is very positive. This is also how I felt before I went to sleep this day, very positive about my ability to get certain things (social and emotional stuff) in order in my life.

Author: The dreamer is working very hard at changing their social or public interactions for the better – especially where their emotional interactions are concerned.

Example Dream and Interpretation #5

I was hunted by the cops or some similar group. I can’t remember why, but it wasn’t something very serious that I had done. A friend and I were driving a car to get away. At a certain point we had stopped and maybe given up, but then we switched seats in the car and continued to get away from the people chasing us. We got to Magnus Samuelssons house (Magnus Samuelsson is Sweden’s strongest man and has won the world’s strongest man competition several times) and I seemed to know him. In his house I knew some secret ways to go. I was running in a small corridor with a lot of doors. The hunters were very close by. I opened some doors and closed them behind me. I knew the others that were hunting me were very close. I opened a door that had another door just a few decimetres away. That door had another lock so I thought I couldn’t get through. But I managed to get through and I got to a room that looked like a restroom but there were no toilets that I could see. I saw that the only exit was a small glass window. I began making scratches in the glass to escape.

The dream begins with the dreamer attempting to escape emotions they can’t handle with the dreamer both taking control and giving others control of their life. The dreamer is concentrating on aspects of their self in particular states of being and obstacles they create in their own life. A sense of emotional entrapment tears at the dreamer both emotionally and in physical representation. The dreamer is holding themselves back by not breaking free of old patterns and behaviours.

Conclusion: The dream is indicating that this dreamer needs look at their own behaviour and the patterns they are creating in their life as it is causing them stress both mentally and physically.

Example Dream and Interpretation #6

My sister and I get a letter from our high school to be there for the first day of school. Slowly I realise I left high school long ago and am not supposed to be there anymore to attend classes and go through those exams again and neither does my sister. But it occurs to me than that the letter also mentions old students to come so we both feel like we could go check it out.

The dreamer is indicating an understanding that they need to relearn and understand their emotional self and public aspects related to it.

The day itself (the letter arrived weeks or months before it) I leave home too late to not have to hurry there, which I didn't want to do. I go to school by bicycle along with my dad like he's supposed to drive me there, but we end up taking the wrong roads a few times. First time we took a wrong turn at some tram rails, another time a wrong turn at a round point. Then I suddenly realise the correct road. My dad still doubts a bit and I don't wait and hurry straight to school leaving him behind because I drive too fast.

The dreamer is relating that they need to pay better attention to the details of social situations to be better aware of what is happening. Losing the way indicates the dreamer is not entirely sure how best to go about the extra awareness, but eventually their unconscious finds the solution.

At school there were activities planned out, including a trip, but the trip couldn't go through. Instead they said I could attend a rugby match (part of this competition between schools I think). I say I know nothing about the game so that I'm not sure if I should play. They put me in the final line-up anyway, but as a reserve. I think to myself that's good because if I could do anything its run hard and throw the ball far, but endurance would be a weakness so the later they put me in the game the better (I think there was only me and someone else as reserve players so it was pretty certain they'd put me on the field eventually). As a reserve player I also figured I could observe the game a while and try to figure out the rules of the game that way before I got on the field, so also the later I get put on the field the better I thought. After half time as the second half of the game starts they remove a player off the field and put me on instead. I find that very early and also come to the realization I don't seem to know who my team mates are (I knew no one on the field from my past, they weren't old classmates apparently). I just hope I won't totally mess up my team's game and ruin their championship single handed. But as we all play it seems to be going much better than I could have expected. It turns out I am actually very good at stopping the opponents and taking the ball from them (every time I do I expect to hear a whistle for breaking the rules or for a time out but apparently I'm playing by the games rules and the idea behind it). All the screw-ups I make are the same way. I hope my screw-ups aren't faults or allow the other team to score, but instead they put the advantage to my team and they're allowing my team to score (I found that very funny while dreaming). As I unable to stop the other team with the ball I end up slipping on the field and kicking the ball. Again I hope touching the ball with foot isn't a fault and will result in a penalty against my team, but instead it gives my team a free kick and my team happens to have some great at free kicks and he manages to score from very far in the field. As a result my team mates tell me I have great tactical insight and got us a lead that why while I had no clue of the rules (for some reason I got more credit than the guy who made the awesome free kick to score from so far away, I find that odd). We win the game and right after it the principal comes up to me to talk and he congratulates me telling me I played a very good game. I tell him I had never played it before and he couldn't believe it, he was astonished. Later in the dressing rooms my team mates were all very happy we had won the game (it mattered a lot to them it seemed). There a teacher/coach of the school and team also congratulated me telling me I had played very good. Both the principal and teacher/coach gave me personal congratulations; other team members didn't get personal congratulations. They also wanted me to join the team as a full team member.

This block of the dream is indicating the dreamer’s need to go with the flow of the situation and free up their more flamboyant aspects since people accept even mistakes in social situations. The misplaced social congratulations creates anxiety in the dreamer since it centres them out which showcases that though the dreamer is understanding the social aspect better they still do not wish to be the centre of attention quite yet.

It was still early in the day and we all got a high bill from the school to pay (the price for them organising this day and activities, food etc), but everyone said we'd all get new separate bills adjusted to the activities we took part in. The bill mentioned 80000 for the trip that didn't go through and small amount for the food and stuff in the school itself. We then all leave and I see five members of the team had matching outfits, black and grey with a cross in grey. I looked at what I was wearing and I had a light blue shirt (not just t-shirt) with a thin black sweater and grey pants. I was wearing quite formal clothing (tuxedo) for the school reunion and I had also played the rugby game in these clothes. My bicycle was where I left it with my lock still attached to it and looking closer at my bicycle I see it has extra gears which are supposed to be a reserve gear because they had the same size as the other gears. I look at my team mates and can see they are going to do something and aren't inviting me so I leave and they do so as well.

Though new aspects are already opening up to the dreamer and they are learning quickly through experiencing how to overcome obstacles as they arise they are still not quite feeling the inclusion as part of the crowd. The dreamer is not upset by this and realizes it will come with time.

Conclusion: The dreamer is working on engaging themselves in social situations though they aren’t quite comfortable with themselves. The dreamer does realize that they are creating positive changes in their current and past actions towards a social life.

Example Dream and Interpretation #7

I was somehow turned into a ghost. I guess I had died. I was invisible but some people could sense me. My girlfriend could sense me and I moved through my girlfriend once. After a while we talked and she thought that I should still help pay for some things like rent and stuff. I didn’t like that idea. I was a ghost and had died, so I shouldn’t have to pay. I thought she was a little mean. A person that could have been a grown up version of my son or it might even have been me - I am not sure - sensed me as well. He even thought that I was alive so he seemed to see me as a normal person that wasn’t strange at all.

The dreamer is separated from physical responsibilities and shrugs off their real-life obligations as a means of trying to escape from the overwhelming emotional issues caused by their current life situation. An unconscious emotional outlet is created in the feelings towards the girlfriend.

At the end of the dream I was “standing” on the bed, or I might have been levitating because it is hard to stand if you aren’t physical. What happened then was that a very disgusting bug moved backwards. It had some kind of claws in the front so I knew that it went backwards. I took a picture with my cellphone but I got some kind of surroundings around the bug on the picture. I did manage to get the picture. After the bug moved for a while I woke up.

Attempting to hide in their secure space (spiritual sanctuary) the dreamer is constantly bothered by emotional guilt of their own creation and negative emotional connotations from others. The dreamer’s spiritual self is not calm and is causing imbalance in their physical life.

Conclusion: The dreamer must come to terms with and accept themselves in order to find their centre of calm, which will allow them to better deal with obligations and responsibilities.

Example Dream and Interpretation #8

I am at my apartment, but as a guest there. There is a gathering to mourn the death of the husband of a woman there and everyone is there to support her. Her husband had died from an illness but I suddenly get it in my mind that it might have been murder and that the man was never really ill but made ill and that his medicine was a poison to slowly kill him. The woman refuses to believe it, but feels she has to test the medicine to see if it is true (because she felt she owed the truth to her husband). She had a sort of security, or undercover/spy profession. For this job she also had quite a lot of medical training. She wasn't a doctor but it felt like she had enough knowledge and medical background to be one as part of her job training. Despite this medical training and knowing it would take time to test the medicine her husband got to see if it was deadly she just took it herself (she was a bit emotional and a bit foolishly took a potential poison despite knowing this could be dangerous or that taking just the one dose might do nothing at all on its own). The medicine looked like milk but with some extra substance in it and when taking/drinking the medicine it looked like milk and blood once it was inside her mouth and on her clothes (maybe she spilled it or it tasted bad, I don't know why exactly but when it was in her mouth there was blood in the medicine and it got on her clothes like she couldn't keep it in her mouth). At first it seemed like there was no poison in it, but a little later she got a stomach ache, just like her husband used to have and it was enough for her to believe it was poison (even though she had taken more of the normal dosage by then and should have known the stomach pain may have been the result of taking too much of the medicine). So she called the man who was in charge for her husband taking this medicine and right out confronted him of being a murderer on the phone. In one of the rooms of the apartment (still my apartment) music is still being played as part of the whole mourning thing, but some of us (guests) are more occupied with the woman and how/what she was doing. Some of us didn't think it was smart to call the murderer right away and it would have been better to call the police and have him arrested. Not much later as we were all sitting in the room with music where some of us were talking about the situation, the murderer kicked open the door with force (he apparently knew where everyone was and had gotten here very fast). He looked very tall and very strong (like some of those bad guys in movies, but not ugly or scarred or anything, he actually seemed like he was a successful person in real life, but very twisted) and it gave the impression that he had above human strength (he was very strange like a nightmare killer, cold, malevolent, abnormally strong, above human strength and gave the impression like he was bigger than the door opening and could hunt anyone down. He was someone everyone would be scared of, because his maliciousness was most striking in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable). All the guests are aware of the situation now and realize he is the murderer so some of them want to try and take him down but the murderer shoots them with an automatic fire weapon (a fairly small one, only a bit bigger than a pistol). I remained calm though because I had the impression this guy was too strong to take down and could beat everyone in the room. There were still a handful of people alive after he stopped shooting because they weren't planning to take him down like those others. The murderer feels very aggressive though and it even feels intimidating to me (normally never happens in my dreams) so I stay calm and try to be unnoticed and to appear as completely no threat. The murderer than just picks up the person next to me (because he wanted to harm the murderer even though this was only what he wanted but wasn't actually planning on doing; despite the murderer being highly aggressive it was as if he was programmed in some ways and was not allowed to attack people who weren't thinking of harming or attacking him; it was weird) with ease and pins him to a doorframe with a fork, spoon or similar looking piece of metal (he pinned him to the doorframe with his coat or jacket but he managed to pin the non sharp metal object very deep in the wood to keep the guy hanging from it). Then he kidnaps that person and leaves (kidnapped him as a hostage). As the murderer leaves I immediately have a plan in my head to follow and capture him (I know this won't be easy and will need some covert action). So, followed by a few others I run to the other side of the apartment. Along the way there we have to jump over some boxes and closets and then we have to climb down out of the window to a floor down where there is a small flat roof and then another floor down to be on the ground. I am apparently very acrobatic and manage to get there very fast, efficient and almost without making a sound (as if I weighed very little when doing all this). The others following me were slower (but going by their apparent bravery and goal oriented attitude it seemed like they had some sort of training at least in this; perhaps some of the guests were in the same line of profession as the woman and knew what to do in these situations from experience). Once on the ground I am in the garden of a neighbour, with their garden being on the side of the road alongside the murderer would walk. I hide there so he wouldn't notice me as I realize I have to be careful and covert because he is dangerous. The others with me don't hide though which I think is not smart because it blows a potential advantage we could have and make a sure capture of the murderer into a risky operation; it loses us our tactical advantage (all this was at night so it was possible to hide in dark spots). The murderer enters the garden with the others standing there for him to see but they know they can't attack just like that because he is too strong and they don't want to take that much risk. The murderer enters a passage going underground leading to a boat/shuttle that floats on the water (sort of like a hovercraft) inside an underground tunnel. Four people jump on the same side of the boat with him. He hurries to avoid more of them jumping on his side of the boat, forcing them to go in the underground and get on the other side of the boat (there were two openings in the ground to get on the boat but each led to a different part of the boat; the two parts of the boat are separate and they can't get to each other while moving in the tunnel, they can only take on the murderer all of us together when they reach their destination and get off the boat). Until then no one on the murderer's side of the boat attacks. The murderer is alone vs. two women and two men and they all think they have even odds if they were to fight so they hold off until the ones on the other side of the boat could help them tip the odds. A little while after they took off I also go into the tunnel. I know they are quite a ways ahead in the tunnel already but I also know that the murderer doesn't know of me (if I were to catch up to him I'd be on his side of the boat) so if I were to catch up with the boat we could take on him especially because of the element of surprise, he isn't prepared for it (and I seemed to consider myself able to take on him now while before in the apartment I found it best to lay low). With that thought I begin running and I am apparently able to run very fast and know I will catch up with the boat.

The end of a part of the dreamer’s life showcases an attitude or emotional state that needs to be avoided. In understanding the mourning the dreamer is giving into the state in a destructive manner and needs to stop and realize what hurts others in the way the dreamer reacts and interacts. The murderer is the aspect of the self that is creating issues and in the case of this dream represents the ego of the dreamer. Realizing that the ego is out of control and sabotaging the dreamer’s life they set out to take it down, or contain it in some way. The dreamer is confident in their ability to reign in their own ego.

Conclusion: A need for more self-worth to battle the dreamer’s perceived out of control ego.

Example Dream and Interpretation #9

I was sitting in my parent's old room, except the walls were a different colour. The walls were a light yellow colour, versus the actual colour of the room which is green. I remember sitting on the edge of the bed, on the actual structural part of the bed. The room was empty but full at the same time. It was daytime, because I remember looking through the window and seeing the light pour in. I remember my brother walked into the room, trying to be responsible, and someone he wasn't. He was taller than me, and more muscular, which both of those are dream manifestations. In waking life he's about three inches shorter than me and not really that much bigger. And we were fighting and I remember saying to him "Why are you being responsible? You're not. You don't do that, why are you pretending to be something you're not?" The whole fight itself was more like a standoff, we didn't get any punches in, it was more of a wrestling match, like we were trying to see who we could make falter and fall first. The room was filled with a lot of light.

The dreamer is in a detached thinking mode where they are passing judgement on themselves. The dreamer is feeling that they have a lack of support in helping them create the changes they are seeing as necessary to make to themselves. An extroverted view of the self is created by the dreamer where they are looking more at external than internal circumstances. In the end the dreamer is attempting to face and understand an issue that they dislike about themselves.

Conclusion: The dreamer must face why they feel they are not relating their outer and inner selves and take action to rectify the imbalance they’ve created in their character.

Example Dream and Interpretation #10

I am at my grandparent’s home (which is where I was also spending the night that night in real life), more specifically I am in the attic. In the attic there is a green one-person couch. The wall and roof, which goes partly vertical, look to be a dark blue almost purplish colour, there wasn't too much light in the attic room and it was late. I go behind the couch where I find a hidden doorway by removing a plate that is part of the wall (a short horizontal piece of wall before the vertical roof begins). I go through the doorway and end up in a whole different place (usually I should have been in mid air as that wall wasn't connected to another house or room).

Identifying their spiritual attributes the dreamer uses their alone time to refresh and explore and in doing so moves into a separate realm of viewing life and the self as a whole.

I end up in a huge place. In front of me I see a street that is in between walls as far as I can see. The ground has a black and white checker board pattern. As far as I can see both left and right I see the street in between the very high walls. The roads are curved preventing me from seeing very far but I felt the walls would not end. In front of me I see pillars and shadow behind them. I feel there is just a wall behind it, but the shadow prevents me from seeing anything. I just knew there was no door to anywhere else there.

In this block of the dream the dreamer is looking at their own life path and the basic character makeup of their own self. The dreamer has laid out before them their basic beliefs, morals, and everything that is and will be.

As I am standing at the edge to the street I suddenly feel a tremendous force to my right side. I feel this great force is approaching me. It is still far away and I can't see it yet or even the shadow of what is approaching me, but I felt it was incredibly strong and the incredibly strong feeling of this force frightened me. I consider I could run to the left direction away from the force, but I don't know where it goes and the force could catch me. So I go back from where I came.

This section signifies the crossing of boundaries, but also the dreamer’s fear of exploration of the unknown. Instead of taking a riskier path in escaping or even exploring further the dreamer retreats to their safe place away from the spiritual landscape.

Conclusion: The dreamer connected with their spiritual self, but fear kept them from exploring the information laid out there. The dreamer must overcome their fear of the unknown aspects of their self.