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A Beginner’s Understanding
by Isign

Please excuse the roughness of this article. This is my very first one and felt the need to write because there has been an increase in new faces in the Palatium. Learning about energy and all the various paths is overwhelming and vague. Even I am still overwhelmed at times and I have been learning psi off and on for the past seven years.

Teachers in the Palatium are more than happy to help you gain a better understanding and to help you learn skills with various paths. However, YOU are the key to that learning. Just by visiting the Palatium you already have an open mind. To learn, you must also hear and listen. These two keys, only you possess. You may hear, but are you listening? Are you ready to listen?

Intent, Focus, Meditation. These are just a few words tossed around and not explained very often. Intent is your will, desire. For example, I am working on my Bachelor’s degree, and I plan (intent) to finish all of my classes by May 2007. To get there, I am going to work very hard to pass the remaining 8 classes that I have. In energy work, intent is vital because without it, nothing will happen because you are controlling the energies to a given focus.

Focus is intense concentration on a single subject. Many of us get into focus and loose track of time when playing a game or get involved in a hobby, you that time when you are “in the zone” and do not want interruptions. Psi requires a lot of focus when first learning. I cannot explain how I focus because I just do it when I meditate, and if I cannot focus, I wait until later when I can mental turn off the distractions.

Meditation, as well as day dreaming, is the exercising of focusing with intent to do energy work and is a primary key in balancing your own energies and brings mental clarity. It is by meditation that the conscious and subconscious meet. Only you can find the method of meditation that works for you. That is why it is important to learn how to meditate before doing energy work and you are learning how to focus and draw intent. Now you are wondering, HOW do I meditate? Cheznip,s link has many articles covering meditation. I have given you a tool, now it is yours to seek.

Psi is very vague because there are many paths to use energy. You are the key and hold the answers as to your own path. Teacher’s can only guide you on your path but you have to listen, do your own research - both internally and via other resources, and ask questions when you do not understand. It is easy to expect a lot and see little results. Working with energy takes time and everyone’s pace is different