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2nd - 11th - 20th - 29th
by Fire_Opal

The pure (2) is sensitive, protective and reserved as the feminine characteristics predominate. Those born on the 2nd are loving and open, but if they are treated unfairly they never forgive and forget. Usually, they have a far better memory than average. They are loyal and hard workers, but have difficulty in maintaining a sense of their own identity and so are clearly less ego conscious.

Those born on the 11th have very complex pared with 28 since the sum of the digits of this number is (1), which is a masculine number consisting of the lowest and highest feminine numbers, (2) and (8). For 11 it is the other way around. The number 11 consists of two (1)s (double ego consciousness, masculine) where the sum of the digits is (2), showing strong female characteristics. People born on the 11th may be feminine, but usually their ego is stronger than that of others having the psychic number (2). Women born on the 11th will seem more feminine and men more masculine, perhaps on account of their strong personality.

The 20 finds expression in an almost boundless sensitivity. Those born on the 20th show tremendous human warmth and kindness. Most likely, they will not at all be aware of their own egos as 0 combined with 2 adds an element of chaos to their psyche. Self-control is not the easiest in the world for those born on the 20th, although normally it is easier for women than for men.

As '2 + 9 = 11 = 1 + 1 = (2)', we see a transformation here from an even plus and odd number to double 1 (odd numbers) to an even number (2). Those born on the 29th are the most ambivalent of all those having (2) as their psychic number. These are people in possession of a mixture of sensitivity and idealism, characteristics often associated with social work and service to humankind.