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Spiritual Magick Introduction
by Zeus

Spiritual magick is a very broad topic covering several different sections and overlapping several different magick categories. Spiritual magick is so named because it mainly focuses on working with spirits, ghosts, apparitions, Elementals etc (for those on the Pure Energy path Spiritual magick deals with energy concentrations from outside the body). Spiritual magick encompasses several sections of magick including, but not limited to: channeling, summoning, invoking, and transcending.
Performing spiritual magick is as simple as other magick forms. Before beginning decide what type of spiritual magick is to be done and make sure there is a solid way to balance the magick’s energy shift. Most often spiritual magick requires one, or both of verbal and textual magick in order to achieve a goal, but their are power objects that will automatically create an event by intent alone.
Casting spiritual magick does take clear intent and patience. It is always crucial that care be taken with this form of magick since the calling or, or appearance of an incorrect energy concentration (spirit) can be very disconcerting, frightening, and dangerous. If an incorrect spirit is the outcome of a botched casting the first thing the magickian should do is shield their physical against the unknown entity until the casting is reversed, or the energy concentration’s intents are fully known. Almost all reversing spells are verbal magick and end with the line, "send it (the entity) back from whence it came." It is always safest and advantageous to learn the reversing cast to any spiritual magick a magickian wishes to use.
It is much easier to perform spiritual magick if the magickian is able to see energy and energy threads. With this ability a person is able to trace energies to understand intent faster and so affords a little larger cushion of safety in their castings.
All the warnings aside do not be afraid to try spiritual magick that has been properly learned as it can afford a wonderful outlook on the World, and its societies.