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Exercise 22: Psychically Tuning Yourself
by ChezNips

Now that you have learned how to perceive and interpret transimitted information carried by psychic energy, you will be learning to harmonize and fine tune your own energy. The next 6 exercises will also act to perfect your techniques for increasing a partner's energy, setting up sympathetic energy flows, using your psychic energy to effect another person's emotional state and how to harmonize a general group. It sounds like a lot of different tasks but the basic underlying technique is the same with slight variations for each task.

Hopefully you are already familiar with a psi signature. If you are not familiar with a psi signature, the foundational concept is based on the premis that each person's energy is composed of a range of frequencies that make up a particular vibration that becomes unique to each individual. Its much like a psychic finger print. Because during the course of our day we are always exchanging energy with others, there is a certain amount of "foreign" energy in our bodies and fields that is not converted to our own energy signature. The act of tuning to yourself helps to convert all this outside "foreign" energy to a type that allows you to harmonize it with your own vibration. The act of tuning energy to someone else allows you to transmit energy which doesn't have to be tuned by the other person, it would be immediately available for use. This is especially convienient when the other person is not yet able to tune energy for himself or cannot in the case of illness. The easiest way to understand this process is to encounter someone with which your energy doesn't mesh well with and you begin to see the subtle effects. That's when you realise how much of a difference untuned energy makes in your every day life by seeing the opposite extreme.

Building an energy rapport is essential to empathy. The energy rapport allows you to mesh the energy of yourself with the person with whom you are trying to facilitate communication for a more harmonious transaction. It also allows you to tune the energies of a group for group communication. This is especially handy when there is a potentially negative or highly volitile or hostile atmosphere in which you have to work in. The benefits of these next several techniques well for those that have jobs that deal with the public.

It's normal for each of us to exchange energy on a daily basis with all things we encounter. While the foreign energy will eventually convert itself and harmonize to your own vibrational rate in time, the act of tuning into yourself acts like an internal cleaning and filtering process and will speed up the process a great deal. You will start to find that keeping yourself in tune and harmonized will make you feel stronger and much calmer. This also works well when you are feeling depressed and generally under the weather. It has been my experience that it is very difficult to feel your own vibrations even thought its what your body naturally attunes to. In this way, it then is often hard to distinguish when we are out of tune although the people around us will know quite quickly. Often it is much later after the fact when we begin to feel out of tune and that something is wrong.

It is essential to harmonize your energy and return all your energy back to yourself to your own individual vibration. This can easily be done by choosing a symbolic image. Because you have worked with the symbolic images in earlier exercises, you will what kinds of images work best and are most comfortable for you.


Clean, focus your energy body and sit in the grounded position. This exercise can be used as many times a day as you feel it is needed and can be used as an alternative to the traditional centering of your energy because it is just a different technique to center.

To get a sense of your own vibration, first gently touch your own energy body. Remember that it is located several inches away from your skin. Choose an image to represent it such as acolor, a tone, a tactile feeling or other image. If you choose to see yourself as a color, see yourself gradually becoming that color starting from the toes and moving up slowly to the head and then permeating the whole energy body. If you choose to use a tone as your symbol, the object is that you want this tone to resonate throughout your whole body and that the body vibrates to this tone only. The same process applies to tactile feelings or any other symbolic image you choose. When all the frequencies in your body are converted, despite whether you use color, tone or any other symbolic representation, you are then tuned.


Take note of any different feelings going on inside your body and record your observations in your journal.