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Merlin's Cave
by Rhyannon

Merlin’s Cave

*Taken off the forum*

I loved this meditation the first time I read it. Unfortunately I have been unable to find the site where it originated.

Just a couple words of encouragement before you start the sequence. When entering the "center" of the cave allow whatever happens to happen. Be curious remain balanced and centered. Enjoy it!

Visualize yourself walking through a forest
Beautiful rays of sunlight peek through the canopy of tree branches overhead, warming your back, face and steps as you walk casually.
Inhale the air and listen to the creatures stirring around you.

You walk a few more moments when you spy ahead of you a cluster of
trees. As you part the trees and vines, you notice a cave opening.
You curiously walk into the opening.

Once inside you are covered in a welcoming red light. You look to see where the light is coming from and focus on the silver walls, poking from the silver walls of the cave are jewels, red, shining with an inner light and they reflect back and forth causing you to be enveloped in this wonderful red energy. You feel cleansed, you absorb the red energy that has collected in the path and decided to step forward

as you walk out of the red energy, you enter into an Orange light.
Again you see the jewels on the walls, glowing, warming you with this bright orange energy. Cleansing you, very comfortable. Once you are cleansed and relaxed, you absorb the energy that has gathered and you step forward.

As you step forward you are once again covered in a comforting bright yellow glow...taking your time you enjoy the energy, cleansing yourself and absorbing the energizing yellow light, you touch the stones on the walls feeling more connected as you go and now you decide to step forward once again.

As you walk thru the tunnel of silver and jewels you enter a intense green light, emeralds cover the walls and again the light from within is comforting and feels like you are being wrapped in a brilliant light of love and energy. Cleansed and absorbing all you can, you walk forward with a smile on your face, calm and happy.

You touch the silver walls and as you do, you notice the jewels have changed from emeralds to a blue topaz, sky blue and shining as though the sun powers them from within, you bask in the energy they emit and now relaxed you have just been cleansed. Absorbing their light you walk ahead.

You see a Bright indigo light and anticipation of the energy you stand in-between the silver walls allowing the indigo jewels to cleanse your energy and you feel as the truth is running through every cell of your body, you are centered and open. Relaxed and curious to what is next, you absorb the energy and look ahead

you see a white light, more brilliant than the sun, it’s coming from a cavern ahead. As you walk in you are struck by the beauty of the cavern, all the jewels you have passed by on your journey are there on the silver walls, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and now you see brilliant clear diamonds ...... they shine so brightly their light collect in the middle of the tavern, the energy is so thick that it is tangible.

You are excited and relaxed, open and cleansed. You step in the center of this brilliant white energy. As you absorb this energy, you feel connected to all and you enjoy it running through your body, mind and spirit.

As you are in the cavern, you can sit in the light and whatever happens, maybe you will see your guides or spend time alone to contemplate. Enjoy whatever may happen. Take your time to feel the energy of the jewels light.

When you are done. You get up and decide its time to leave, you notice a opening that wasn’t there before and you walk through the silver tunnel out into the trees back to the forest where you started from.