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Opening the Mind
by Zeus

Opening the mind to the possibilities of psi is just as important as believing in your brain that psi is possible. The mind works beyond the confines of the physical body, but if you impose physical limits on it then you impose limits on yourself.
The mind controls all of the self that lies beyond the physical realm. There are no limits to what lies beyond the physical since there is only energy there. To fully realize psi outcomes a psychic must understand there are no limits once the brain believes a task can be accomplished.
The mind can experience and interpret all those things beyond the capabilities of the body. In understanding how the mind is able to do these things let's give physical characteristics to what it has to sense with. The non-physical self is pure energy that is concentrated into a specific consciousness, you own. In being only energy the non-physical self is not hindered by physicality in interacting with other energies. Because we are very physical beings and taught the same what our mind interprets shows up in our brain for processing much the same as any physical stimuli. With our physical eyes we are able to see only that which is physically in front of us, only that which is within the scope of our physical eyes. The mind interprets what is around the non-physical us into visuals as well allowing us to see both physical and non-physical things within its scope. The main difference is that our non-physical self can be moved wherever we wish within reality. This is how most remote viewing techniques work. When you open your mind beyond physical limitations you are able to interpret energy wherever you energy self happens to be. While in an expanded state with your mind and brain working in tandem a psychic can interpret any information they wish. Physical stimuli in an area can be interpreted both physically and non-physically if the two selves are in the same place, or separately if the are in different places. The mind can interpret energies in sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or go a more non-traditional route and interpret non-physical stimuli. In this manner a psychic can interpret auras, energy interactions, energy traces, broadcasts etc.
As can be seen opening the mind and allowing it to be free of physical confines opens a wide variety of psychic techniques to a person. Opening the mind is something that all psychics must do in order to better realize their full potential.