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Quick Word Reference
by Zeus

Psychism: Refers to those events, or techniques that are psychic in nature and consume only Internal Energy. Events and techniques that fit into this category are routinely referred to as psychic, ESP, sixth sense and paranormal.

Magick: prevalent in modern times to distinguish between true energy magick and the common illusionary magic. It refers to those events or techniques that consume only External/Universal Energies. Spells, witchcraft and black/white magick all belong in the basic category of magick.

Psi: A term most recently used to include all things psychic and magick. The word 'psi' is used within the Palatium to include all extrasensory categories, but is also inadvertently used to refer to specific areas of psi, depending on the context in which it is found.

Hybrid Psi: A relatively new term most associated with Pure Energy Psi. Hybrid Psi refers to events or techniques that use a combination of Internal and Universal Energies. A combination of the two energies in one event, by definition, would require the use of both psychism and magick and thus is actually a combination 'hybrid' of the two techniques.

Internal Energy: Energy found within a person or object.

Universal Energy: Energy found external to all people and objects.