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by Fire_Opal

(Allium Sativum)
Folk Names: Poor Man's Treacle, Garleac, Garlicke, Clove Garlic
Gender: Hot
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Associated Deities: Hecate
Parts Used: Bulb, Flower
Basic Powers: Protection, Exorcism
Specific Uses: Take garlic with you on trips over water to prevent drowning. Sailors carry it with them on board to prevent wreckage of the ship. Peel cloves of the fresh bulb, and place it in each room when disease threatens. Italians once bit the herb when evil spirits surrounded them, or when they felt fearful. Hang up in newly built homes. The flowers are often used to decorate protective altars. Add to all protective sachets, hang up a "rope" of garlic in the kitchen. Also, use in exorcisms. mountain climbers carry to keep fair weather on their expeditions.