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Magick - What It Is
by Fire_Opal

First, Magick is natural not supernatural.
Magic is the movement of natural energies to create needed change. Energy exists within all living things. It is within plants, stones, colors, sounds, movements and us. Magick is the process of building up this energy, giving it intent, and then releasing it.
There is the Magick circle; it is a sphere made of Personal Power in which Wiccan rituals are performed. This term refers to the circle that marks the sphere's penetration into the ground, and extends both above and below it. It is created thru visualization and Magick.
Magick isn't a means of forcing nature to do your will. The idea that it is, fostered by the belief that Magick is somehow supernatural, as if anything that exists can be outside of nature. Magick is natural. It is energy done in harmony with movements to create needed changes. If you wish to practice Magick, all thoughts of it being paranormal or supernatural must be put out of your mind.
In Wicca, magick is used as a tool to cleanse ritual areas, to improve the world in which we live, and ourselves. Many people confuse Wicca and Magick as if the two words were interchangeable. Wicca is a religion that embraces Magick.