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Physical Body Line
by Fire_Opal

Physical Body Line
(1) Being, personal resources and identity
(2) Feeling, emotions and the conscious mind
(3) Doing and/or acting, personal creativity

Where this line is found in someone's name diagram we can see to what extent the physical world plays a role in his or her life. The personal resources of the individual are found here, together with the expression of personal identity. This line reflects the degree of body consciousness found in the individual. Where this line dominates, there is someone with strong body consciousness. Where the line is weak, the person is less aware of his or her body.
This line points to the awareness the individual has of the role of the body and conscious mind. It describes the personal resources the individual possesses and the extent to which the person appreciates these resources - depicted by a high or low self-esteem. It also shows the extent to which the individual can act creatively. The roles that the person plays can be assessed from this line: the ego, and the attitude the individual has towards his or her ego, is shown here. Where we speak of creativity, we are dealing with all forms of creative acts: the fine arts (instrumental music, painting, and so on) but also social sciences (for example healing, social care), and acts related to personal ambition (sport, for instance).
The three focal points on this line are the number (1), (2) and (3). The three forms of energy from these numbers combine to express the physical entity of the individual and describe the way the person performs. Where this line dominates we find extreme physical types with strong bodily appetites: those seeing themselves primarily as physical beings, with strong attachments to the body and weaker intellectual and spiritual awareness.

The energy has a positive focus on individuality, determination, leadership, personal courage and personal resources. The negative focus is on selfishness and self-centeredness, arrogance, stagnation and indecisiveness.

The energy has a positive focus on awareness of the conscious mind, feelings, receptiveness, consideration and caring. The negative focus is on self-pity, aggression, introversion and pettiness.

The energy has a positive focus on personal creativity, self-expression, enthusiasm and sociability. The negative focus is on conceit, carelessness and rashness, and flamboyance.