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Intent (Article)
by Zeus

Intent, simply put, is any thought moved through visualization, which occurs in the Psi Control Centre.
A thought is just a thought until an individual visualizes that thought in reality. Once a thought is visualized it is said to be an intent. Intents are things an individual intends to occur in their reality (thus the name). An intent may be anything the individual wishes, but in creating intents one must keep in mind how reality operates, the energy required to bring the intent into reality, and the overall affect on the general area balance.
When an individual learns how to properly visualize they are able to create intents. By walking, or appearing in the Psi Control Centre of the brain, and creating a visualization once there, an intent is placed into motion. The intent is only complete once the intended visualization occurs in reality. Be aware that intents, unless specified, do not have an energy source beyond the individual, nor do they hold a specific timeline. If an individual holds enough energy and their intent does not violate balance boundaries then the intent may manifest immediately. But, if there is not enough energy, or balance is violated then the intent may manifest in stages, or it may corrupt and do something unexpected. Before beginning an intent it is important to centre, and intake to ensure the most energy available. It is also a good idea to give an intent a timeline, and/or a secondary outcome to occur if the first is unable to manifest. As an example one may wish to telekinetically move a box across a table. To do this a person would visualize in the Psi Control Centre the box moving across the table now, using the individual's energy; however the person should add that if the first intent cannot happen now then the lights should flicker now instead (this takes little energy and generally does not affect balance). In this manner either the desired intent will immediately occur, or a sign that is understood will be received if it cannot happen.
Working perfect intents and understanding the intricacies of them takes time and practice, but if one is patient then anything is possible. Literally.