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3rd - 12th - 21st - 30th
by Fire_Opal

Those born on the 3rd are real men and women of action. They need not be the most ambitious, however, as they know what they want and they reach their goals without using much conscious energy. The gender of the person in question is highly important. Men born on the 3rd usually get further than women, even though they may not even have a (3) in their name. The competitive (3) is best suited for men in our society. Women with the psychic number (3) almost always need a strong (3) in their name also to attain success, to have drive and to act creatively.

This is a number depicting an ambivalent type. The date consists of masculine 1 and a feminine 2, and the sum of the digits 1 and 2 is (3). From a person born on the 12th it can be expected that he or she will be a highly complex person, who is mainly active and extrovert. Distractions caused by emotions and feelings prevent an unconditional desire to act. On maturing and gaining self understanding, those born on the 12 achieve greater satisfaction than those born on the 3rd, as both halves of the brain are active. Those born on the 12th are capable of experiencing the world in a greater variety of ways than those born on the 3rd.

Very similar to those born on the 12th, this number is a variation on a theme: more feminine perhaps, but the ego is also there. A balance must be found between plus and minus forces and in this respect the focus is on the more philosophical, introvert, feminine, well considered and creative.

Here is great personal creativity in this number. This does not necessarily imply an emphasis on the personal element in that action is strongly influenced by impulses that are uncontrollable. Here we have a person with a devil-may-care attitude; someone who always ends up in a fight, who is not necessarily aware of his or her own drive and who is kept going by an irresistible desire to act. The urge is to act for the sake of acting, not necessarily for the sake of achieving a goal.