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Getting Started
by ChezNips

The essential part of manipulating energy is to be able to see or at least feel it. The aim here is to start by visualizing the energy and making it flow. Visualize your personal energy by opening up and connecting all your energy pools and watching the energy circulate thru your body. You should be able to stop consciously visualizing and still see the energy (light) flowing through you as if you were visualizing it. In a sense it's like turning off the radio but still hearing the sound.

First step of getting started is to figure out which sensory input you are the strongest on, I realize a lot of people are not visually centered and have a great deal of difficulty in visualizing what I ask in this article. If you happen to fall into this category, just substitute another sense such as feeling the energy, hearing the energy, smelling or even tasting. Ask yourself, if I could hear energy, what would it sound like? If I could taste energy, what would it taste like? If I could feel energy, what would it feel like, and so on. It might be a stretch to translate all of the article into another sense but try different ways to find the one that works the best for you and remember that these are skills to be trained in, they are usually not automatic.

Next you need to see the energy externally in/around you and other things. Look again at the energy flowing through your body and then simply look somewhere else. It may help to not actually focus your eyes on anything, just let them relax. It might also help to look at other living things. Trees or other people are good things to look at. Visualize the energy flowing through the body and then stop. Again you should be able to stop consciously visualizing and still see the energy as if you were visualizing. What does the energy look like? You might see it as a bright force or heat type waves off hot tar or any number of ways. Okay now we are going to move the internal energy. Moving it inside you is a fundamental step in psionics and the easiest step before you learn to manipulate it outside of your body.

Start by seeing your energy internally again and direct it and try to compress it into the top half of your body. The energy in the top half of your body becomes more concentrated or thicker. Take the energy from your chest area and direct it into an arm. Again, the energy becomes more concentrated again. See it compressing and concentrating into your hand. Most of the energy that was in your body is now in your hand. You may get physical feelings of warmth or coolness or a pins and needles feeling or you might not. It changes from person to person so don't be alarmed if you feel nothing. Once you have the energy in your hand, hold it for a few seconds and then see the energy drain back into the rest of your body. Once you can put it in one hand, try to put it in both hands. Have the energy come into your upper body then divide it so part goes to one arm and the other part goes to the other arm/hand. When you are done, again, see the energy drain back into the body.

It is suggested that you also read Psi Palatium Psychism Basics of Energy as well as tutorials and Zeus's class on getting started.