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Aquarian Rune Story
by Fire_Opal

Our thoughts and imaginations are our only limits.

The Runes are a sacred alphabet once used by ancient Germanic people as a divination tool. They were introduced into Europe during the last great Ice Age, between 120,000 BC and 10,000 BC, by a tribe from northern Scandinavia. The word Rune means "a mystery or holy secret that is whispered." Over the centuries Rune knowledge spread throughout northern and central Europe, and was carried by the Vikings from the Arctic and New Foundland to the Mediterranean.

Throughout their history, the Runes have been reinterpreted many times to accommodate man's expanding awareness. Now, humanity stands in astrological understanding at the dawn of the Aquarian Age. This is the age when mankind learns to live in peace and harmony. The Aquarian Runes honor the significance of these times, and offer new definitions from the perspective that we are not victims of fate, but the creators of our reality.

You are the master of your destiny.