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by ChezNips

Aim: to get the energy going out of you and to get it flowing back in.

Method: Start by placing your hands in front of you, palms touching eachother. Have the energy flow down one arm, go thru your hand into the other hand and up the opposite arm and thru your chest. You are making your energy circle thru your body. Once you can do this with hands touching, move your hands apart and do it until you can do it with hands about shoulder width apart starting slow at first. The next step is to get some object, place it in front of you a foot or two away. Make the energy go out one hand and circle around the object to come back into the other hand and thru your chest. Once you can do it with an object, take it away and do it free form.

Have the energy flow out, make a few loops, turn and come back up the opposite arm and back into the chest. Now, assign the energy a color or shape or temperature and send it out to do a few patterns and come back up in the circle.

Energy Weaving

Aim: to get the energy flowing in more complex patterns.

Method: Find something woven like a tennis racket or even a basket. Have the energy flow out and make a starting place where it starts to weave over and under other threads. This time the energy doesn't need to return to you. You can make it come back if you like it is up to you. Once you have one row woven, weave it up and along the opposite direction. Keep repeating this pattern one row at a time.

This can be quite difficult and tiring. If you cannot do one row, start in small sections lie a 2 x 2 patch and work up in bigger patches until you can do the whole object and then try taking the object away and weaving it in the air without the object there.

As per the other exercises once you can accomplish this, work on coloring the energy and doing more complex objects. For an alternative pattern try a spider web.


This is pretty self-explanatory what this is. Create a psi-ball and have it spin in your hands. Feed the psi-ball energy to keep it growing until it is large enough for you to step inside of. A sphere is okay for this but egg shape works better for others. Once you are inside of the psi-ball make the energy conform to the shape of your body but it should be 4-6 inches off your skin to give you space for your aura. To finish it off don't forget to give it a shell to contain the energy.