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Exercise 19: Energy Testing from Physical Strength
by ChezNips

The emotions that people send can have wide spread effects, even effecting our physical strength whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The influence we exert on each other is profoundly subtle but it does exist. How many times do you deal with someone that either excites you with their energy or drains you and to make you tired physically and emotionally? This exercise is geared to consciously and deliberely send emotions and then use the muscle test to discern the effects on your physical body through strength testing.


Clean yourself using the waterfall and scraping techniques. Focus your energy body and stand in a grounded position. This exercise should be done 6 or more times.

Sender's Instructions:

Its a good idea to start out by making a list of the emotions you plan on generating using emotions you have previously used with your partner. Make sure, as with the previous exercises that these emotions you choose are not only easy to re-produce in yourself but that they are clear, strong and easily distinguishable. It is very important that you do not give away any hints to the emotions from body language and that you monitor yourself during the muscle test to use the same amount of pressure every time. Generate the emotion and when it feels clear and strong, visualize the emotion laced energy projected from your body like a fog that surrounds your partner entirely. Now preform the muscle test. Generate the emotion laced energy and test several times. Just as with the jewelry test, you may experience unexpected results.

Receiver's Instructions:

This is the same muscle test performed in earlier exercises. Remember to extend the arm that is being tested at a right angle, as before. Different muscles come into play if the arm is improperly extended too far to the side or up too far or if the fist is clenched and the test will not work. You want to be sure to resist with the same amount of pressure each and every time you are tested and to change arms if you become fatigued. Remember this is not a test of your or your partner's strength. Its not necessary to try to read the emotion being sent to you, this is only to allow your body to pick up the psychic signals and to react.


Remember to clean after each session, then change roles and repeat. Record your observations in your journal taking notice which emotions make you test weak and which make you test strong.