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Exercise 24: An Experimentation with Tuned and Unt
by ChezNips

The main purpose of this exercise is to illustrate the different effects of absorbing large amounts of untuned energy and of absorbing large amounts of tuned energy. Remember that absorbing large amounts of untuned energy can have adverse effects on our system with a wide variety of symptoms. Much in the same way that small children do not understand dangers of something they have not experienced, such as burning a finger on a hot stove, I am hoping to give you a safe environment in which to feel both energies so that you can recognise the signs and symptoms when they begin to occur and you can act with impunity much more quickly. The exercise will be split into 2 parts. Part one will be using untuned energy and part two will be using tuned energy.


Clean and focus the energy body. Tune to yourself and stand or sit in a grounded position. You can repeat this exercise one or two times. It is not necessary to revisit this exercise often as it is ment to establish a baseline feeling of general perception.

Part One:

Sender's Instructions:

Build up the energy in the center of your body making sure to be clearly distinct from your partner's energy. For example, if you are using colors as your symbolic images for yourself and your partner, use colors that are opposite in the color spectrum. Now direct your energy out through the palms of your hands over to your partner and make the energy envelope your partner completely.

Perceiver's Instructions:

Absorb the energy sent from your partner paying close attention to the difference in the feel. Continue to monitor the way that you feel and perceive the energy inside your body for 5-10 minutes. Now that you have done this,take a few minutes and tune yourself.


Journal your observations and without changing roles, go to part 2.

Part 2:

Sender's Instructions

Make sure to prepare by cleaning and focusing the energy body again. Tune to yourself. Now sense your partner's energy as you did in exercise 23 making sure to pay close attention to the many different frequencies that make up your partner's vibrational rate. Again, if it makes it easier, assign a symbolic image such as a color or tone to your partner. If you need to feel your partner's energy again, go ahead by using your hand or actually taking some energy from him. When you have a clear and precise feel for his vibration, send him energy that is tuned into his vibrational rate so that the energy tuned into him envelopes his body completely.

Perceiver's Instructions Absorb the energy from your partner and carefully observe how it makes you feel. Compare the sensations from receiving the untuned energy to the tuned energy and write them in your journal.


Change roles and repeat the entire experiment. If you choose to do this experiment again, try to find a new partner to experience a different foreign untuned energy as untuned energy will feel slightly different fromdifferent people.