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Fate Number 4
by Fire_Opal

The forces of the intellect are found here. Those with fate number (4) will find that logic plays a dominant role during the first part of their lives. This logical element of their fate will make them capable of living in the world but, if they are not careful, they become so much a part of the world that they let the world become a part of themselves. This involves a risk of shipwreck, as when water enters the ship's hull. Aspects of the material world (space and time) are combined so that those having (4) as a fate number are capable of performing work involving concrete thinking. Those having a strong (4) as a fate number are dedicated to their work. This work should be seen as a life task and not something for which a reward is required. It should be sufficient reward that such individuals are allowed to perform the task. Those having (4) as a fate number encounter difficult tasks that require careful thought in all spheres of life. It does not matter whether they have incarnated as peasants or kings: it is a question of work and of having pure thoughts, therefore their expectations of a reward should be small. Service to humankind is the key to an understanding of such a fate. Those having (4) as their fate number should not demand any greatfulness from those they work for, but rather be grateful for being allowed to work.