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Universal Energy (Article)
by Zeus

Universal Energy (UE) is explained by the Pure Energy path through psi as that energy external to and not belonging to any living being. Because Universal Energy exists outside of all living organisms it is also commonly referred to as External Energy. Universal Energy is associated directly with magick as it is this energy that magick directly controls and manipulates.
In its base state Universal energy is neutral, but through interaction acquires charge and creates specific non-living material and environments; however most aspects that are created will try to keep equilibrium and remain neutral. Knowing that all non-living things are Universal Energy allows those in psi to manipulate this energy to create desired outcomes. Manipulation may be achieved either directly through magick, or indirectly through psychic means. But Universal Energy prefers a balanced, neutral state and this must remain foremost during any use of psi to create specific outcomes, because Universal Energy will try to revert back to its neutral state. Whether directly, or indirectly manipulating Universal Energy to achieve goals balance must be maintained, or at the very least, a reasonable semblance of equilibrium. Almost every path through psi contains a section discussing the advantages of not destroying the overall balance of a UE system. Some examples of balance keeping rules are: the three-fold rule, the non-intervention rule, the leave it as you found it rule, and Pure Energy's own given area 15% rule.
All living individuals share the Universal Energy they interact with and through that interaction cause differences in other individual's environments. Much like the yin and yang of balance Universal Energy must be treated with respect and responsibility when manipulating it. Psi interaction with Universal Energy needs to be treated with forethought and compassion. In a responsible, balanced interaction Universal Energy may be manipulated to yield the most awesome aspects of psi abilities.