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Sensing Energy (Article)
by Zeus

Psi depends on the interaction of energy to achieve wanted goals and to find specific guideposts. Energy interactions occur continually in reality and any person on a psi path should become acquainted with the feeling and sensing of energy in order to best manipulate energy in a positive, and healthful manner. Using the known five sense people are able to train themselves to sense energy, its patterns, and its interactions.
Those that know what to expect of it can taste energy. Energy is reported to interact with the sweet, sour, and bitter taste buds. In tests the closest simulated taste to energy was one of thoroughly brushing the teeth and tongue and then immediately drinking a glass of citrus (orange) juice. The resulting flavour left in the mouth was roughly equivalent to that taste experienced during strong interaction with energy. Tasting of energy is usually only reported during heavy energy interaction and rarely reported during slight interaction because of the nature and threshold of the body's taste buds. It is usually agreed that while energy can be tasted that this is not a very useful sensing tool.
During periods of intense interaction a person may hear energy as it changes charge and seeks towards a goal. Unfortunately in today's Westernized society a large problem is noise pollution, which seriously curtails a person's ability to hear the subtle, almost lulling sounds of energy. The sound of energy is best described as patterned white noise with the pattern and intensity directly related to the amount and type of interaction taking place. In order to hear energy it is best to do so in as quiet a location as possible.
A person that trains their sense may also smell energy interactions. Smells are scientifically associated with a person's strongest and most vivid memories. Since smells are so strongly ingrained in the brain being able to smell energy can quickly alert a person to interactions, usually strong, that are taking place nearby. The smell of energy can trigger unconscious reactions allowing a person to react appropriately or understand what is occurring without any other sensory clues. Unfortunately different levels of interactions carry with them, or incur different smells. General energy interaction usually incurs a smell of ozone, similar to strong electrical arcs through air, but this holds for oxygen-rich environments only. It is unknown what an interaction smells like outside of the preferred atmosphere. Close interaction with projected, or concentrated energy usually brings with it the perfumed aroma of flowers, most commonly described as roses. Often smells are one of the first indications of strong surrounding energy interactions, and smelling energy should be a priority in development during a psi path.
Sight is the most relied upon sensing medium in modern society. Although seeing is not necessary to be aware of interactions it helps immensely in collecting clues regarding energy patterns and intents. Energy interactions most commonly manifest in a manner similar to heat waves. The distortions seen in the air around a hot barbeque are what to look for in energy. After practicing with seeing energy interactions and energy people often notice that energy of different charge takes on colour. This colouring of energy is personal, but does allow a person to quickly differentiate and categorize varying energies and patterns. The colours associated with energy are often similar from person to person; however since psi is personal there are fluctuations in the perceived meaning of an energy colour.
Sensing energy is an important aspect of psi and should be practiced to improve a person's ability to perceive energy and work efficiently in psi.