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Internal Energy (Article)
by Zeus

The Pure Energy path through psi defines Internal Energy (IE) as that energy held within an individual and/or any energy belonging to an individual. Internal Energy is associated with the inner workings of the body and with techniques and abilities of a psychic nature. Within psi and specifically within psychism not all Internal Energy is of paramount concern. To again help with discussion Pure Energy Psi splits and categorizes Internal Energy. Internal Energy is classed as either being Aural Energy, or Centre (Central) Energy.
Centre Energy (CE) is known on some paths as Soul Energy, or simply as the Soul. This energy is considered to be the "spark of life" and what makes an individual what they are. Science has shown that upon whole body death a measurable amount of energy leaves the body, or is released from the body and that the deceased body then has less mass than it did when living. This scientific study lends itself to the theoretical existence of Centre Energy. Psi itself is not overly concerned with Centre Energy; except in circumstances of total Out of Body Experiences (OBE) and full-blown cases of possession. Generally speaking Centre Energy stays within the body and does nothing other than keep an individual consciously aware.
Aural Energy (AE) is quite different from Centre Energy. Aural Energy is the energy the body produces through life processes; it is the energy the physical aspects of the body use to live and function. Psi is most concerned with Aural Energy since most people's bodies produce a surplus amount, which can be tapped into and used for psychic techniques and abilities. The body continually creates Aural Energy via its various life processes and any excess is radiated from the body. Radiated, or waste Aural Energy when radiated out from the body creates the aura. Since psychism uses Aural energy in its techniques it does deplete the amount of available energy for body functions, but the body will replace this energy eventually, or a person may intake in order to replenish their supply immediately.
People have only a finite amount of Internal Energy their bodies may hold at any given time; however for short periods a psychic may go over their Aural Energy limit to accomplish tasks requiring slightly more energy. The quantity of Centre Energy steadily declines in the body throughout life, and is not replaceable. Using this theory a person will live only as long as their Centre Energy allows (not taking into account issues of body death, which are more common). Mental degradation is the most common theorized effect of depleting Centre Energy. On the other hand, Aural Energy levels continually fluctuate during life depending on mood, body function, disease, intaking, etcetera. Where a person can never increase the amount of Centre Energy they hold through practice they may increase the overall amount of Aural Energy they can safely handle within their body without causing internal imbalance.